Course: How to Develop Deep Voice; Specific Exercises and Training

How to Develop Deep Voice; Specific Exercises and Training

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About this Course

Your voice is everything!

If you have ever been on the phone with someone you don't know, after a few seconds of conversation you already have a picture of what they are like. They also get a picture of what you are like. Are you nice, are you open, are you shy, or confident? Some people prefer to hear you speak so they can figure out who you are. Why not learn the secrets of what makes you a confident speaker with deep voice, resonating voice, someone who has a projecting voice that can own the room. I have learned myself over the years that voice can really save you in situations and help you to be perceived the way you want to be perceived. Imagine what power you can have and what it can do to your personal life, your work life, career, dating, relationships, interactions? You can control it. By having your own fully developed voice you will come out ahead of everyone else.

Basic knowledge
  • Your voice and desire to learn
What you will learn
  • The student will be able to speak in a deep projecting voice owning the room and better connecting with audience
Number of Lectures: 8
Total Duration: 00:58:47
  • Breathing  
Neck Exercises
  • Neck Exercises  
Massaging the hyoid bone
  • Massaging the hyoid bone  
Sounds with breathing
  • Sounds with breathing  
Tongue twisters
  • Tongue Twisters  
Reading in low pitch
  • Reading in low pitch  
"Bing bong/ping pong/ding dong/king kong” exercises
  • "Bing bong/ping pong/ding dong/king kong" exercises  
Caring for your voice
  • Caring for your voice  
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