Course: Learn the 5 Principles For Persuasive Presentations

Learn the 5 Principles For Persuasive Presentations

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About this Course




Learn how to design and deliver persuasive presentations.

This course is great for everyone who deliver presentations and/or speeches and want to become better at it. This is an introductory course but those 5 principles are guaranteed to take you immediately to another level.

Almost 20 years of helping people with public speaking have taught me what really matters and I am presenting them to you in an easy and applicable way. Those principles are actionable and can be embraced by anyone without any particular skill.

The benefits will be there already at the next presentation, so enroll now not to loose the next opportunity.

Basic knowledge
  • No previous knowledge is required since this is an introductory course
What you will learn

After this introductory course you will know how to:

  • Design presentations with a clear focus on how to make them effective
  • Deliver presentations with confidence
  • Improve the outcome of public speaking by persuading audience
Number of Lectures: 10
Total Duration: 00:29:09
  • Nice to meet you  

    Who I am and what I do.

  • What is this course and what is not (batteries are not included)?  

    What is inside this course and what will it do for you.

  • The greatest secret for learning public speaking  

    Secret and promises!

The 5 principles
  • Audience is king  

    The first principle is so important and so overlooked. Why does it matter, and how to apply it to your next presentation.

  • Hara hachi bu  

    Why practising restrain is good in presentations? From a Confucian way of saying a great point to avoid squandering a speaking opportunity.

  • Visuals are dominant  

    We are visual animals and sight has an amazing role in everything, including communication.

  • Talk to all the brains  

    An effective presentation moves the audience. Persuades them and prompt them to some action, Decision making is much more than pure logic as it's known since the the birth of rhetoric.

  • Be yourself (unless you can be Batman)  

    One of the most difficult task inexperienced presenters face is how to deliver a presentation. It's easy to fall in to traps and disconnect from the audience with a negative impact on the outcome.

  • Test yourself on the 5 principles  
  • What do you think of it?  

    How are you enjoying this course?

    I hope it is everything you expected and you are learning useful informations.

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  • Summary  

    Wrap-up of the course, a review of the main points covered and an important advice for learning and benefiting from the course.

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