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Millionaire Speaker Secrets

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Would you like to learn the real secrets of the world's most successful speakers? Whether you are a professional speaker, trainer, lecturer at a university or school - this course will teach you the 'insider' secrets of taking your speaking skills to the next level.

If you charge for your knowledge and speak in public, this course will change the way you speak and do business. One of the most important criteria of becoming a successful speaker is to be authentic and walk the talk.First ask yourself... from whom would you like to learn the real secrets of successful speaking?

A self proclaimed guru that only speaks from research, or someone that actually has done it all and really does 'walk their talk'?

Wolfgang Riebe is the speaker all speakers dream about becoming! He travels the globe, speaks at high profile events and captures his audience with his unique brand of speaking.

Wolfgang has spoken in over 150 countries and presented live to over 1 million people! He was also been awarded the CSP by the National Speakers Association of the USA in 2012 - the highest honor any professional speaker can receive and a title currently held by less than 800 speakers world-wide! He was the first consecutive national president of the professional speakers association of Southern Africa from 2010 - 2012 and in 2015 become a TEDx speaker.

Basic knowledge
  • You need to be a presenter, moderator or professional speaker with experience of speaking in front of larger groups of people
What you will learn
  • Here's your chance to learn the 'insider secrets' of what it really takes to make money and become hugely successful in your speaking career
  • You may feel that the course fee is high... in fact I have slashed the price by 50%. I guarantee that you WILL learn the secrets to making you rich as a speaker. However, what you do with those secrets - that's up to you! PLUS when you sign up to the course, I will add a PERSONAL one on one 60 minute Skype session so that you can ask any further questions you may have and add even more value for yourself to this investment in your future
  • Don't be misled by the 'Millionaire' title! It's not only about money! It's about you becoming a better and more effective speaker! Those speakers that are wealthy know these secrets – now they are being shared with you
  • Yes, this knowledge will allow you to become a millionaire speaker, because of 'business tips and skills' shared. But more importantly, the speaking tips and insights you learn will guide you to become an authentic, powerful, commanding and sought after speaking who can make a difference!

Number of Lectures: 22
Total Duration: 04:54:47
  • Introduction and Authenticity  

    Welcome to the course and a discussion on the most important characteristic of successful speakers - that of authenticity.

Be Different
  • USP: Unique Selling Point  

    No matter what you sell in life, whether it is a service or product, you need something that makes you different and stand out from the rest. What is your Unique Selling Point?

Platform Skills
  • Improve Your Technique  

    Whether an old pro or a beginner, here are tips and tricks that will help you improve your technique on stage.

  • Enhance Your Presentations  

    A discussion on various tips and tricks you can use to enhance your presentations, from technology to presentation tips.

  • Visual Aids  

    A discussion on 'other' visual elements and gags you can add to a presentation to make it unforgettable.

Understand Your Delegates and Clients
  • Know Your Audience  

    You cannot connect with any audience if you don't know who they are. An extremely important insert that shares tips which can make or break your presentation.

  • Client Behaviour  

    Do you have a life-long business relationship with your clients? Do they recommend you to their colleagues? Or do you tend to only do 'once off' events. learn what it takes to build life-ling business relationships.

Building Your Confidence
  • Stage Fright  

    Tips and tricks on overcoming stage fright.

  • Dying on Stage  

    What happens when something goes wrong on stage? Do you recover and win the audience back, or do you die a slow death? Learn how yo cope with any situation and survive!

General Tips
  • General Tips  

    As the title says - lots of 'lesser-known' general tips on all aspects of speaking.

  • Grooming Tips  

    First impressions count! People judge you on what you look like and how you dress! Here are some insider tips to leave a lasting impression.

Being Prepared
  • Quips for all occasions  

    Do you have a comment for any eventuality? What happens if someone heckles you from the audience? What if the microphone dies? What if the lights go out? Funny one-liners to cover most situations.

Speaking Internationally
  • Travel & Flights  

    Learn 'insider' tips from someone that has travelled to over 140 countries. Priceless information for everyone, even frequent flyers!

Publishing Your Book
  • Publishing Tips  

    Everything you want to know about publishing, and some extra special tips of creating a best seller!

The Business of Speaking
  • Payments & Invoicing  

    Do you want o be paid on time, every time? Never have bad debts. All the tips to be a financially astute business are shared here.

  • Bureaus & Staff  

    A frank discussion on bureaus versus employing staff - the pros and cons of both.

  • Marketing  

    As long as you are a speaker - you will have to be constantly marketing your services 24/7/365. Insider tips that work!

  • Publicity  

    Tips and ideas of getting and creating publicity for yourself.

Social Media and Web Presence
  • Internet Tips  

    An Internet presence is vitally important. Creating a trust network and being in the eyes all the time. Advice on how to achieve this cost effectively.

  • Associations  

    To keep up to date with the latest happenings it is important to be a member of a professional body. Various associations and their contact details are shared.

Conclusion & Wrap-Up
  • Final Tips  

    A few closing words, including some last thoughts and tips.

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