Course: Professional Public Speaking: Be a Professional Speaker

Professional Public Speaking: Be a Professional Speaker

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About this Course

Professional Public Speaking: Be a Professional Speaker

Imagine yourself speaking in front of thousands, spreading your message and insights, and improving lives. You can be a professional speaker addressing large and small crowds with your expertise.

In this " How to Be a Professional Speaker" course you will learn all of the essentials of how to launch a professional speaking business. Many people aspire to be professional speaker, but few actually turn their dreams into a successful business. In this course you will learn how you can turn your passion into a marketable business that can grow and prosper. Professional speaking is about more than good platform skills and a love for speaking; it is a about creating a sustainable business model that includes sharing your expertise on the platform.

Why wait even one more day as an amateur or mediocre speaker? Sign up today for this course today.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

Who is the target audience?

  • This is for people who want to develop a professional speaking business
Basic knowledge
  • You will need to video record your speeches
What you will learn
  • Speak Professionally
  • Develop a Niche
  • Create a Marketing Plan
Number of Lectures: 18
Total Duration: 01:02:42
Before We Start, Here Is How To Get the Most Out of this Course
  • Who is TJ Walker?  
  • Your Questions Will Be Answered Here  
You Can Soon Be A Professional Speaker
  • Presenting Your Message, And Getting Paid for It  
Positioning Yourself to Get Paid
  • Here is How to Pick a Profitable Niche  
  • Be the King of all Media for Your Niche  
  • Develop a Tribe That Will Follow You Into Battle  
Selecting the Right Business Model for You
  • Making Sure Your Business Model is Profitable  
  • Marketing  
  • Fees  
  • Speaker Bureaus  
  • Platform Skills  
  • Conclusion  
  • Feedback  
Bonus Public Speaking Reading
  • Bonus Reading Secret to Foolproof Presentations  
  • Bonus Reading Public Speaking Success  
Bonus Reading to Promote Your Speaking Business
  • Media Training A to Z  
  • Media Training Success  
  • 1001 Ways to Wow the Media  
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