Course: Speaking for Profit - Presenting your Topic in Front of an Audience

Speaking for Profit - Presenting your Topic in Front of an Audience

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About this Course

Public Speaking is not a talent you are born with, but rather a skill that anyone can learn!

In this course I share with you the secrets of how you can improve your public speaking and presenting in front of small and large audiences. You will discover the benefits of becoming a speaker and how to build your speaking and presenting business.

You will learn tips and tricks established presenters are using to present their subject matter with passion while promoting products or services in an engaging and professional way.

The class is set out in small sequences which can viewed in any order you like. This way you can pick and choose what you want to focus on.

Basic knowledge
  • This is a beginners class and no pre-requisites are required
What you will learn
  • Building confidence through speaking
  • Benefits of speaking
  • Spreading your message through speaking
  • Cementing your expert status
  • Getting paid to speak
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Presentation Framework
  • Speaking and presentation tips
Number of Lectures: 54
Total Duration: 02:37:54
Speaking Avalange
  • Speaking Avalange  
Building Confidence & Benefits of Speaking
  • Building Confidence  
  • Benefits to Entrepreneurs  
Benefits of Presentations
  • Benefits of Presentations  
  • Leads to more Opportunities  
  • Cements your Expert Status  
  • Offers Re-Purposing Opportunities  
  • Spreads your Message  
  • Make Connections  
  • Find Top Clients  
  • Get paid to Travel  
  • Easily Pass and Surpass Your Peers  
  • Concrete and Transferable Skills  
What if I am afraid to Speak
  • What if I am afraid to Speak  
Know your Subject
  • Know your Subject / Topic  
  • Practice, practice and practice more  
  • Start small  
  • Permission to be Nervous  
  • Join Toastmasters  
Learn your Speech
  • Learn your Speech  
  • Practice your speech out loud  
Engage your Audience
  • Engage Your Audience With A Great Opening  
  • Toddlers & Tiaras  
Venue Check
  • Get to know the Room  
  • Get to know your Audience  
Mechanics of Speaking
  • The Mechanics of Speaking  
  • What if I forget to breathe  
Getting Started in Speaking
  • Getting Started  
  • Storytelling  
  • Starting your own Speaking Group  
  • How to get started as a Speaker  
  • Who you can speak for  
  • Putting on your own Speaking Events  
  • Closing words  
Framework to sell products/services during a presentation
  • Framework Intro  
  • Presentation Introduction  
  • Share your Successes  
  • Share your Struggles  
  • Journey to a Solution  
  • Share your Results  
  • New Opportunity Offer  
  • Solution Framework  
  • Offer Stacking  
  • Closing your Sales Presentation  
Vehicles to your sales success
  • e-Books  
  • Home study courses  
  • Membership sites  
  • Tools & Templates  
  • Seminars and workshops  
  • Keynote Speeches  
  • Coaching  
  • Vehicles Summary  
  • Vehicles Sales Funnel Overview  
Additional Resources
  • Speaking for Profit Workbook  
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