Course: Guide to Python Programming Language

Guide to Python Programming Language

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About this Course

The course will lead you from beginning level to advance in Python Programming Language. You do not need any prior knowledge on Python or any programming language or even programming to join the course and become an expert on the topic.

The course is begin continuously developing by adding lectures regularly.

Please see the Promo and free sample video to get to know more.  

Hope you will enjoy it.

Basic knowledge
  • An Enthusiast Mind
  • A Computer
  • Basic Knowledge To Use Computer
  • Internet Connection
What you will learn
  • Will Be Expert On Python Programming Language
  • Build Application On Python Programming Language
Number of Lectures: 46
Total Duration: 01:28:42
Begin From The Beginning
  • What is Python  
  • Install Python On Linux  
  • Install Python On Windows  
  • Python Interactive Shell  
Python Arithmetic Operators
  • Addition  
  • Subtraction  
  • Division  
  • Multiplication  
  • Modulus  
  • Exponent  
  • Use Of Multiple Operators In A Single Calculation  
Python Data Types
  • Introduction To Data Types  
  • String And Concatenation  
  • String Continue (Make Your Life Easy)  
  • Integer  
  • Float  
  • List  
Python Logical/Comparison/Relational Operators
  • Introduction To Logical Operators  
  • Equals  
  • Not Equals  
  • Greater Than And Less Than  
  • AND  
  • OR  
Python IDE
  • Introduction To IDE  
  • Python IDEs  
  • Create A Project on IDE  
  • Identifiers In Python and Reserved Words  
  • Best Practices For Identifier Naming / Naming Convention  
  • Variable and Storing Values in Variables  
  • Indentation  
  • Function  
  • Comment  
Conditional Statements
  • Introduction To Conditional Statements  
  • If  
  • If, Else  
  • If , Elif, Else  
  • Introduction To Loops  
  • While Loop  
  • For Loop  
  • Break  
  • Continue  
A Simple Application
  • Simple Application - Story  
  • Defining Functions  
  • Get Keyboard Input  
  • Complete The Simple Application  
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