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Learn Python Programming

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About this Course

Learn Python Programming

Learn Python Programming and increase your python programming skills with Coder Kovid.

Python is the highest growing programming language in this era. You can use Python to do everything like, web development, software development, cognitive development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. You should learn python programming and increase your skills of programming.

In this course of learn python programming you don't need any prior programming knowledge. Every beginner can start with.

Basic knowledge
  • No prior knowledge needed to learn this course
What you will learn
  • Write Basic Syntax of Python Programming
  • Create Basic Real World Application
  • Program in a fluent manner
  • Get Familiar in Programming Environment
Number of Lectures: 28
Total Duration: 03:13:41
Main Programming Course
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    Hello Learner,

    Thanks For Purchasing This Course. Hope to see you shining more in coming days with Python Programming.

    Here in this first lecture, I am providing you some great resources to follow along with this course.

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    Forum :

    Best Python Programming Book : (Coming Soon)

    Pythong Programming YouTube Channel :

  • Installing Python IDLE - Variables and Operators  
  • Functions in Python  
  • Data Mining with Python  
  • Primitive Data Types  
  • Arguments in Functions in Python  
  • If ElseIf and Else Loop in Python  
  • Lists in Python  
  • For Loop in Python  
  • While Loop in Python  
  • Append Lists Method in Python  
  • Dictionary in Python  
  • Length of String  
  • Indexes in Python  
  • Pre Built Functions  
  • Quiz 1  

    Revise what you have learnt till now.

  • Learn Python Programming - 15 - Sum of two numbers  

    Make a program which returns the sum of two given numbers.

  • Learn Python Programming - 16 - Square Number  

    Learn Python Programming - 16 - Square Number

    This is the second exercise. Keep it up! You can call yourself a python programming after finishing all these exercises.

  • Check is Even  

    Check if the number is Even or not.

  • Check is odd  
  • Find the biggest number  
  • Find the largest number in nth term  
  • Add digits of two digit number  
  • Driving License Verification  
  • Email Verification  
Advanced Programming
  • Web Scrapping with Python  

    Finding out links from a website

  • Sending Mail in Python  

    How to send email using python

  • Final Video  
  • Final Words  

    Hello Programmers!

    I am Kovid Raj Panthy. I had been your course instructer since 30 episodes of Python Programming. Don't Forget to follow me on my social media so that you can ask questions there.

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    Thank You Once Again For Taking This Course.

    Hope to see you in my other courses too.

    Happy Coding!

    Kovid Raj Panthy

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