Course: Python - Fire - Crash Course

Python - Fire - Crash Course

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About this Course

Did you ever wonder how to create command line apps with python? You want to be able to create apps that can be reused by the colleagues of yours? This course allows you to do just that! With this course you will increase your job security, and create CLI apps that echo your name across HR branches.

Basic knowledge
  • You only need some basic Python understanding because everything is explained in the course in detail. The demos are platform independent so you can create one app that is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows
What you will learn
  • You will be able to create fancy command line applications and amuse your bosses and colleagues
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:45:21
Setting the stage
  • Setup your environment  

    Every beginning is hard, but once you start rolling it's hard to stop.

Hello World
  • Every beginning is hard  

    You wont guess but a simple hello world is enough for a careers in DevOps

How do you check argument types?
  • Arguments are crucial  

    Every good command line app has some form of argument validation, this video is just about that

-- based arguments and the most important part
  • So there is a difference  

    There are apps which take -- and - based arguments, here is how Fire implements this.

Multiple class demo
  • More classes and more functionality  

    You can have multiple classes and multiple functionality.

Class Properties
  • Accessing class properties  

    Accessing class properties open a new era in the Fire crash course

args and kwargs
  • args and kwargs  

    These 2 types of arguments provide a powerfull concept to customize your command line applications

  • A demo app  

    Let's create a demo app that shows how far we have come

The end
  • Well this was all  

    I hope you enjoyed this course

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