Course: Python For Beginners With Exercises

Python For Beginners With Exercises

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About this Course

This course is for everyone who wants to learn Python right from the start. No prior knowledge is required to get started. It will get you up and running quickly on your python Journey.

This course is a great course for beginners who want to start their journey in the world of programming and it also works for experienced programmers who want to learn python to advance their careers.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Python from scratch
Basic knowledge
  • This course is for beginners, No prior knowledge on python is required
What you will learn
  • Understand how python programming works and benefits of learning python
  • Create programs that develop your logic
  • Learn all the basic concepts of python and how to implement them
  • Use strings to write programs on String manipulations
  • Use Lists, Sets and Tuples to create different types of lists
  • Learn How to use loops, Functions and dictionaries
  • Practice exercises added at the end of each section to get an idea of how programs are written in real world
  • Learn the basics of Object Oriented programming
Number of Lectures: 53
Total Duration: 04:37:24
  • Why you should learn Python  
  • Python installation on Windows  
  • Python installation on MAC  
  • Terminal for MAC and Command prompt for windows  
  • Python interpreter  
  • Python 2 or Python 3  
  • Before we kick off  
  • Variables in Python  
  • Integers  
  • Floats  
  • Data Type conversion  
  • How to write a program  
  • Exercise - Numbers  
  • Introduction to Strings  
  • String Functions  
  • Indexing  
  • Comments in Python  
  • Strings Exercise  
If statements in Python
  • If statements in Python  
  • Indentation in Python  
  • El if Statements  
  • Multiple El if statements  
  • AndOR Exercise  
  • Exercise - If Condition  
Lists in Python
  • Introduction to Lists  
  • Modify and Add items in List  
  • Remove items  
  • Sorting Lists  
  • Tuples  
  • Sets  
  • Exercise - Lists  
  • Giving inputs in Python -1  
  • Giving inputs in Python -2  
  • Try and Except in Python  
  • Exercise - Inputs  
  • For Loops  
  • For loops with List  
  • While Loops in Python  
  • Break, Continue and Else statements  
  • For loops - Exercise  
  • While loops - Exercise  
  • Dictionaries - Introduction  
  • Dictionaries - Add, Update, Delete  
  • Dictionary - Exercises  
  • Functions  
  • Parameters in Functions  
  • Advanced Parameters  
  • Return values in Functions  
  • Exercise - Functions  
Object Oriented programming with Python
  • Object Oriented Programming  
  • Classes and Objects  
  • init method  
  • Methods  
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