Course: Python for Beginners With Real time examples

Python for Beginners With Real time examples

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About this Course

We cover every concept in Python, including :

  • How to Install Python In your machine
  • Basic introduction Python IDLE
  • Python Math Operations
  • Data Structures
  • Introduction to List,Tuples,Dictionaries
  • Introduction to Strings
  • Introduction to Loops
  • Condition If statements
  • While loop
  • What is the use of directory
  • Factorial Programs
  • How can you create a function?
  • Function Programming Examples
  • Introduction to OOPS concept
  • Inheritance**
  • Inheritance examples
  • Introduction to Regular Expressions
  • How can you verify your phone number using re
  • Basic Introduction to Pandas

Who this course is for:

  • Who are interested to learn python programming from beginning onwards you can learn :)
  • If you want to go for Python programming then you're at the right place
Basic knowledge
  • No knowledge required in python
  • Basic computer knowledge

  • More modules will be updated in easy way... Don't bother about it, Once you enrolled don't disconnect and Please don't say that this only for beginners
  • Am completely telling to you, ***If you need any other topics also you can ask i will update it for your seek***
What you will learn
  • You need to practice and apply same concept to your examples then only you know what you had learn from this
  • This is completely good for beginners, You can easily understand the concepts and examples

Number of Lectures: 45
Total Duration: 04:06:11
  • Course Content  
  • Introduction to Python  
Python Installation And Configuration
  • Python INstallation 3.6.3  
  • Python Configuration  
Python Shell Introduction
  • Python Shell Intro  
  • Python Math Operations  
Data Structures and Data types
  • Data Structures in Python  
  • Introduction to list  
  • List Operations  
  • Introduction to Tuple  
  • List and Tuple Concepts  
  • Dict's Introduction  
  • Dict's Operations  
  • Introduction to Set Functions  
  • Set Function Operations 1  
  • Set Function Operations 2  
  • Indent Block Errors  
  • Introduction to Strings  
  • Strings Operations  
How to make a Comment in python
  • Comments  
Conditional Statments
  • If Statement  
  • Else Conditional Statements  
  • For Loop  
  • While Loop  
File Handling
  • Introduction to File Handling  
  • File Handling Opertions  
Python Predefined Programs
  • Triangle Program  
  • How to Print a Inverted Star Pattern Program  
Classes And Functions
  • How to Create a Class and Function in Python  
OOPs Concept
  • Introduction to OOPS Concept  
Inheritance Concept
  • Inheritance  
  • Inherit Parent and Child Example  
  • Inheritance Part 2  
Regular Expressions
  • Introduction to Regular Expressions  
How to Use Findall Command
  • How to Use Findall Command  
  • Some examples using this Findall Command  
  • How to use regex command  
  • Introduction to Pandas  
  • How to use Replace Command  
  • How to use Head Function  
  • How to Set Data Frame  
  • Conclusion  
Resource Files
  • Python Installation Documents  
  • Documents  
  • Additional Files  
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