Course: Python Programming Tutorials For Beginners

Python Programming Tutorials For Beginners

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About this Course

Hello and welcome to brand new series of wiredwiki. In this series i will teach you guys all you need to know about python. This series is designed for beginners but that doesn't means that i will not talk about the advanced stuff as well. 

As you may all know by now that my approach of teaching is very simple and straightforward.In this series i will be talking about the all the things you need to know to jump start you python programming skills. This series is designed for noobs who are totally new to programming, so if you don't know any thing about

programming than this is the way to go guys Here is the links to all the videos that i will upload in this whole series.

In this video i will talk about all the basic introduction you need to know about python, which python version to choose, how to install python, how to get around with the interface, how to code your first program. Than we will talk about operators, expressions, numbers, strings, boo leans, lists, dictionaries, tuples and than inputs in python. With 

Lots of exercises and more fun stuff, let's get started.

Who is the target audience?

  • First time Python programmers
  • Students and Teachers
  • IT pros who want to learn to code
  • Aspiring data scientists who want to add Python to their tool arsenal
Basic knowledge
  • Students should be comfortable working in the PC or Mac operating system
What you will learn
  • know basic programming concept and skill
  • build 6 text-based application using python
  • be able to learn other programming languages
  • be able to build sophisticated system using python in the future
Number of Lecture: 24
Total Duration: 04:26:30
Python Programming Tutorials For Beginners
  • Introduction, Installation & Basic Syntax (With Free Project Files)  
  • Using Operators inside Python  
  • IF Statements in Python  
  • IF & ELSE Statements in Python  
  • IF,Else & Elif Statements in Python  
  • Creating While Loops  
  • Creating Infinite While Loops.  
  • Using Break and Continue Statements in While loops  
  • Using Not & And Operator  
  • Creating a Guessing Game  
  • Using For Loops in Python  
  • In Operators and Len Functions in Python  
  • Using Strings with For Loops  
  • Using Tuples with For Loops  
  • Using Dictionaries with For Loops  
  • Iterations in Python  
  • Creating Functions in Python  
  • Using Parameters with Functions  
  • Using Multiple Parameters with Functions  
  • What is Scope and How to use it  
  • Using For Loops with Functions  
  • Reading files using Python  
  • Writing to Files in Python  
  • Using Else in Exception Handling  
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It is very helpful for beginners.