Course: High Energy Taoist Tai Chi And Taoist Yoga (Lishi)

High Energy Taoist Tai Chi And Taoist Yoga (Lishi)

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About this Course

Tai Chi is often seen as an exercise for older people but the truth is it has massive benefits for people in their twenties and thirties too. If you live a busy lifestyle, recognize that you should be taking better care of your health, want to feel more energized to do the things you love then this course is for you. 

Learn Simple Exercises That Boost Your Energy and Make You Feel Great Every Day

In addition to Tai Chi, you will learn some simple Daoist exercises that will help you relax your body, calm your mind, boost your energy and build your confidence.

You will learn:

  • How to warm your body up the Tai Chi way (Gentle and nourishing)
  • How to breathe properly if you want to relax and boost your energy
  • The basic animal stances of the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi
  • Daoist Yoga for increased flexibility
  • Qigong Energy Work exercises
  • Tai Chi for a high energy lifestyle
  • A simple exercise for helping you sleep
  • The beginnings of moving meditation

Relax and Strengthen Your Mind and Body

I have been practising the Chinese exercise system called Lishi (pronounced "Lee" "Sher") for twenty years and in that time I have seen remarkable changes in the energy levels and happiness of thousands of my students lives. You will immediately feel the benefits of the exercises and can start making a positive difference in your life very quickly.

If you want to take better care of yourself and enjoy even higher energy levels than you do now then making these exercises part of your day will do it for you.

Course Overview

I have structured the course for beginners so that your knowledge builds progressively. We will start with a gentle warm-up so you can start to feel good from gently moving all the muscles and joints of your body.

Next we will look at how to breathe properly in a way that maximises your oxygen intake, calms your emotions, relaxes you mind and body and boosts your energy. I guarantee this will be different from the way that you breathe right now.

The foundations of Tai Chi and all of the other Taoist exercises of Lishi are the stances. I teach you seven basic stances in a fun way that will strengthen your legs and make the following sections easier to enjoy.

Daoist Yoga is different from other forms of yoga because it encourages you to always keep moving and never hold postures. We move in and out of the postures smoothly and fluidly. This develops suppleness in a much more natural way and helps you to embody the principles of flowing with life.

We do some standing energy cultivation exercises (Qigong) which are very simple to do but not necessarily easy so I have created 3 different videos to help you progress, strengthen your stamina and build up your energy.

With the firm foundation of the previous exercises in place you are now ready to learn the first three sequences of the Tai Chi Form. We will look at the stance-work, the hand and arm positions and the breathing so that you can co-ordinate all three, perform the moves fluidly and start to experience moving meditation.

The course is designed to give you an introduction to the exercises without overwhelming you with technical detail. If you enjoy the exercises, feel the benefits and start making them part of your life I outline how you can go deeper and further into these exercises to get even more benefit from this course.

Who this course is for:

  • People in their twenties and thirties curious about Tai Chi, Yoga or Meditation who want to live a healthier life
  • Existing students of Lishi Daoist Tai Chi and Daoist Arts
Basic knowledge
  • This is a beginners course and as long as you check with your doctor that it's OK for you to exercise you should be fine to enroll.
What you will learn
  • Do a Tai Chi Warmup
  • Demonstrate the basic stances needed to do Tai Chi
  • Breathe the Tai Chi way
  • Complete the Happy Days Breathing Exercise
  • Do 2 Dao Yoga Exercises to improve flexibility
  • Do Standing Qigong to boost your energy
  • The first 3 sequences of the Tai Chi form we practise in Lishi
  • Calm your energy to help you sleep
Number of Lectures: 36
Total Duration: 01:21:39
  • Introducing the High Energy Tai Chi Course (Lishi Daoist Tai Chi)  

    Welcome to the course!

    In this video we take a quick look at what we will cover through the course and the benefits that people experience from doing these exercises.

Warming Up
  • Introducing the Warmup  

    It is important to prepare the body for exercise.

    In this video we introduce the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi Warm-up and cover some basic health and safety points.

  • Warming the Arms  

    Rotating the joints

    In this video we circle the different joints of the arm so that the muscles, tendons and ligaments are ready for exercise.

  • Warming the Head and Neck  

    Release the tension

    The neck often stores a lot of tension and in this section we do a few exercises to ease that off and relax the muscles deeply through movements and self-massage.

  • Warming the Legs  

    The wheels on the bus

    In Tai Chi, all of our movement begins with the legs and feet so it is important that they are warmed and ready to carry the rest of our body as we do the moves.

  • Review of the Warmup  

    A quick reminder

    A review of the warm-up so that you can start to remember all of the sections and can easily make this a part of your daily routine for a healthier life.

Learning to breathe
  • Introducing Lishi Breathing  

    It's not the same as what you've been doing all your life

    The breathe is key to a healthy, high energy lifestyle and yet few people do it right.

  • Lower Section Breathing  

    Baby breathing

    This is the key to being able to relax deeply whenever you want as well as energizing the body so you feel exhilarated by life.

  • The S-Breath  

    Strengthen those lungs

    The Daoist Healing Sound of the S-Breath will strengthen your lungs, increase your lung capacity and give you a feeling of internal power.

  • Four Directional Breathing  

    Extending the breath to all 4 corners of the world

    This exercise generates heat in the body and trains you to express your energy so you feel confident and centred.

  • Happy Days Dao Yin Breathing Exercise  

    The Best Way to Start Your Day

    Happy Days breathing exercise does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a refreshing breathing exercise that as you develop your stamina will tone your body and put you in a great mood for the day ahead.

Animal Stances
  • Introducing the stances  

    The Building Blocks

    A house needs firm foundations and the practice of Tai Chi is built on strong stance-work. In this video we introduce the importance of the animal stances.

  • Eagle, Bear and Riding Horse Stance  

    3 Neutral Stances

    With your weight in the middle, discover the first 3 basic standing stances that you will use in the Tai Chi form and the Standing Qigong sections.

  • Monkey, Snake, Dragon and Leopard Stances  

    Ancient Wisdom is Contained in Your Body

    Unlock the energy of the dynamic animal stances of Monkey, Snake, Dragon and Leopard. Being familiar with these stances will make it easier to learn the Tai Chi moves.

  • Stances Quiz  

    Test yourself

    A quick quiz to check how well you are learning the stance names and positions.

    I have also included a blank stances worksheet for you to test your ability to name the stances plus a Stances Sheet as a handy reference guide to help you whilst you are learning.

  • Review of Stances  

    A Quick Reminder

    A review of the stances section and a heads up about what we'll be covering next.

  • Introducing Qigong  

    Work Your Energy

    An explanation of how to say Qi Gong and what it means for your practice.

  • Standing Qigong in Horse - 1 Minute  

    Getting Started

    Here I explain how to do the basic standing qigong exercise giving you some key points to focus on and then you can do a 1 minute standing qigong exercise with me.

  • Standing Qigong in Horse - 2 Minutes  
  • Standing Qigong in Horse - 5 Minutes  

    Out on the Open Trail

    Only to be attempted once you've been around the block a few times. Now we are really starting to work our energy and do qigong for real.

Dao Yoga
  • Introducing Dao Yoga  

    Daoist Yoga

    Also called Kai Men, these exercises open the door to a deeper understanding of your body whilst increasing your flexibility, suppleness and strength in a wide range of movement.

  • Dao Yoga - Duck to Dragon  

    Flex and Lengthen from your Fingertips to your Toes

    Remembering to be gentle with your body, this exercise will increase your flexibility and strength throughout your body. DO THE EXERCISE AT A LEVEL THAT IS APPROPRIATE TO YOU. Dao Yoga is not about competing with anyone, it is about listening to your body and gently increasing it's range of movement over time.

  • Dao Yoga - Leopard  

    Lengthening Your Sides

    It is important to be flexible in all directions. The Leopard Dao Yoga exercise works to increase your suppleness along the sides of your legs, body, neck, shoulders and arms.

  • Dao Yoga - Follow along in Norway  

    Dao Yoga on the Beach

    Join me as we practise the sequence and the extension of the duck to dragon Dao yoga. Remember to be gentle with your body, don't push or strain and only take the moves to your own limit.

  • Dao Yoga Review  

    Reflect on your Progress so far

    A quick review of the Dao Yoga section to help consolidate your learning.

Lishi Daoist Tai Chi Form
  • Introducing the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi Form  

    The Moment You've Been Waiting For

    Time to get started learning the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi Form.

  • Sequence 1 - Gather Celestial Energy  

    Gather Celestial Energy

    Simple moves that set the scene for the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi Form.

  • Sequence 2 - Play the Guitar  

    Play the Guitar

    A slightly trickier sequence as we start to combine the hand and arm movements with the feet and leg movements.

  • Sequence 3 - Fair Lady Weaving  

    Fair Lady Weaving

    Smooth graceful movements help you combine stance transition and circular arm movements.

  • Lishi Daoist Tai Chi - Follow along in Norway  

    Tai Chi on the Beach in Norway

    Follow along with all three sequences combined into one flowing sequence. Start to experience moving meditation.

  • Lishi Daoist Tai Chi - Review  

    Reflect on the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi Form

    You will be feeling that you have made good progress with your practice. Time for a quick review.

Cool Down
  • Cool Down - The 5 Lotus Blossoms  

    5 Lotus Blossoms

    A calming breathing exercise to centre yourself and relax the body. This one helps ensure you don't waste energy after a practice session. It is also great to do if you have difficulty sleeping at night.

Course Review and Next Steps
  • What we covered  

    Look at how far you've come

    Now that you've finished the course for the first time, we review the different exercises covered and help solidify the learnings in your mind and body.

  • The Start of Your Journey  

    This Could be the Beginning of Something Wonderful

    Hopefully this course has given you a little taste of the Daoist Arts of Lishi and introduced you to the Daoist idea of a high energy lifestyle. There are many more exercises in Lishi and lots of opportunities to learn. We run classes in Europe, US and China as well as doing winter retreats in Sunny Tenerife. We also plan to create more online courses where you can go deeper in your practice and learn the full Tai Chi form as well as other exercises and forms.

  • Find a Class Near You  

    Meet others who enjoy Lishi

    We have classes all around the world and you can look for one near you at 

  • What is Lishi?  

    What does this all mean?

    This course was an introduction to High Energy Tai Chi but the Tai Chi form that we practise is part of a much bigger system of Daoist exercise called Lishi (pronounced "Lee" "Sher"). In this video I give you a brief explanation and point you towards where you can discover more.

    I have also provided a number of PDF resources for you to get a better idea of what Lishi is all about.

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