Course: Spirit Guides, Chakras and Aura. Charging, Repair, Healing and Protection

Spirit Guides, Chakras and Aura. Charging, Repair, Healing and Protection

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About this Course

Let's get some basic knowledge about your chakras, their color, their tasks, how they work and how we can activate them and fine tune your chakras, for the perfect daily energy flow. How are our Spirit guides connected to these methods and how can we get them to help you in your daily spiritual ritual. What's the most powerful spiritual protection that we can use and why is more powerful to start from the heart chakra and then expand the protection around the body. Daily manifest meditation to learn to see a simple everyday play out in the perfect way, forgive people and yourself to release energy blocks and visualize your future and manifest it through meditation.

Basic knowledge

All the basic knowledge needed for this course are inside the course!

Who are your target students?

  • Anyone who wants to learn to heal their body and energy field
  • Anyone who wants to accelerate their performance in manifesting dreams
  • Anyone who wants to learn an easy way to treat symptoms before they manifest physically
  • Anyone who wants to know more about the energy points and how to control them
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the aura and why it's important to heal your aura
What you will learn
  • How to open your chakras
  • How to fine tune your chakras
  • How to charge and repair your aura
  • How to do the Manifest Meditation
  • Heal your body
  • Charge your energy field
  • What are chakras and how do they work
  • How each chakra reflects a different layer of your aura
  • What are the colors of the chakras
  • Why is it important to repair the aura
  • How to forgive without confrontation
  • What is your perfect day
  • Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now
Number of Lectures: 6
Total Duration: 00:56:59
  • What will we cover and what is manifest meditation?  

    What is manifest meditation?

    Manifest meditation is a meditation method for those who want to combine powerful spiritual exercises into one powerful guided holistic meditation each day. I have learned and practiced many meditation methods over the years. More than 30 years ago I learned my first meditation technique called transcendental meditation. That was only 20 years after Maharishi had first introduced the world to this meditation method. Since then, I have learned many ways to meditate, and I have noticed that people in general find it very difficult to meditate. That is to say, a lot of people find it difficult to focus their attention and they try to shut their minds off completely. That is why I believe that this method is perfect for most people, and that it will greatly benefit your life.

    When I first tried similar meditation methods, as I have put together here, a whole new world opened up to me. My reality shifted. I am counting on, that this will also happen for you, when you give this method a go for a few of weeks in a row, were you go through this brief manifest meditation, once a day.

    What I suggest you do before you begin using this meditation, is to write down a few things on a piece of paper. In this chapter I will go over what I recommend to write down and then you are ready to go through the guided meditation in the next chapter.

    1.Make a list and write down as many things as you can about your dream life, three years into your future. Write down small dreams and big dreams that align to your dream life three years into your future. When you start making this list, allow your five-year-old genius, that still lives inside of you, to come out and play. You know the one who dared to dream without limitations and without scarcity. The more detailed description of these events, you can write down, the more powerful and accurate it will be. Write down your experience in as much details as possible and use all five senses in your descriptions. What you hear, what you see, what you smell, what you taste and your touch. Allow yourself to experience this with your emotions at the same time, you write this down, like it has already happened. What do you hear, who is praising you and who are you thanking for helping you achieve this incredible success or milestone. Write a date three years into your future, at the top of the page before you begin to describe these events in your future, as they have already happened.

    2.A perfect day in your life. How can you best divide your day into segments. Write down on a piece of paper and divide the day into parts that are important to you. The morning, the morning ritual, breakfast, driving to work or school, time at work, lunch and so on. Divide your day into as many segments as you consider important. This exercise is to practice seeing a normal day, play out as the perfect day, when we start the meditation process. This can also be used for a special specific day, like for example, if you want to be a number one speaker on stage at a business conference, if you want to be in first place in a bodybuilding contest or even the most sales at your firm on a specific date. It’s great to write down what comes to you and then when you use the guided meditation, switch between the days you see unfold as you perfect day. Practice makes perfect.

    3.Make a list of at least ten things, people or events, that you are truly grateful for, in your life.

    4.Make a list of at least ten things about yourself that you are truly gratitude for.

    5.Write down on a piece of paper, any event or person that you can think off, in regards to forgiving something. Write down all the people and events that come to mind, especially if something comes to mind, that you cannot imagine right now, that you will ever be able to forgive. Then, when you go through your list, you start with the person who is the easiest to forgive for something. The size of the incident does not matter at all for this list. Don't hold back, write down everything that comes to you, this process is only for you and it is done so that you can free yourself, from the obstacles you have created in your reality. If you find that hard to believe, that you can free yourself, because you experience yourself as a victim of circumstances in your life, then you just have to try it out and see for yourself how you break free from those limitations. If you believe you can’t, it will just take a little bit longer to accomplish that. I could write a whole book on how everything in your life is your responsibility, how everything is your fault and how everything is thanks to you as well, in your reality, but I am not going to, this time. Now we just have to try it out, trust, and see if this works for you as it has done for millions of other people around the world. These are all methods that have been proven to work. I know you can do this, but it doesn't matter what I know, if you won’t try it. I believe in you and know we all go through the different experiences in life and some are harder that others to go through.

    When you have completed these five steps, you are ready to continue to section two, to be guided through the manifest meditation.

    Well done, great start!

Manifest Meditation
  • Let's get ready to start the manifest meditation!  

    Let's get started manifesting what you want through meditation!

    Are you ready? I recommend you use your headphones to listen to the meditation. 

  • Manifest Meditation  

    This is the manifest meditation!

Energy Flow
  • What is Energy flow, arua, chakras and spirit guides?  

    More and more people in the world are starting to understand what the chakras are, where they are located and why they are important. One of the most common reasons for today's diseases is that our energy gets clogged up in our body or the chakras are overactive. When they are overactive they take in more energy than the body needs and can process. These energy imbalances are also associated with a lack of energy that people experience in their lives, not just diseases. However, this does not mean that the energy block itself or the overflow of energy is the origin that caused the disease, because the reason for the energy imbalance is almost always directly connected to your emotions, something you hold on to, hate, fear, anger or somehow related to your purpose here on earth. The energy imbalance is always a messages for you.

    We all have spirit guides with us who guide us as often as possible. It is totally up to you to notice these messages and follow them, but you don’t need to, because we all have free will. Spirit guides are very different from one another. They can be a spirit that has gone through lifetimes likes you are experiencing here right now, and some have not. Some of our spirit guides have not been human, and not everyone who experiences a human life will become a spirit guide either. Spirit guides have no true form. They are closer to just being pure energy and light and perhaps that is why we often call them light beings or beings of light. Although they do not have any true form, they do take on different forms for us, for you. Most of our spirit guides take on the form of a man or woman, because we humans love to see what we are talking to. They sometimes even take on the form of animals and it is well known, for example, that Indians have a spirit animal. Then the spirit guide has chosen the form of an animal because it is customary for the Indians to see an animal as their protective totem. A spirit guide might even choose to present himself as an unicorn. This is always tailored to you and your needs so that the communication can be as smooth, and as successful, as possible.

    We all sense our spirit guides in different ways. Some see them, some hear them, some feel them and others get thoughts directly from the spirit guides and I am one of those who gets messages and answers through my thoughts. I get answers that come to me as thoughts and I listen to them and then execute. This is like trusting and listening to your intuition. But how do I know, that these thoughts are from my guides? How do I know that this is not simply thoughts I have created myself? Because I can now speak directly to spirit guides through my healing work. When people come to me for a self healing session, I get the opportunity to speak directly to their spirit guides and ask questions on behalf of the client whom I am facilitating the self-healing session for. It may sound strange that I sit and talk to the person while the their spirit guides enter their body, work on their body and answer questions about life while doing so, but that is what actually is happening in the sessions. This work has enabled me to consult with other spirit guides and get confirmation on my thoughts that have been presented by my guides. For example, the confirmation of whether or not, the chakras have been fully opened or closed, and answers on how to make the energy flow method more effective and powerful.

    Our journey is like you probably know well by now, you are being guided. When I started my journey it seemed like a lot of coincidences were happening in my life, but the further I get into my journey, the more I learn and know, that nothing happens by chance. When I am working with my clients, they reach a deeply relaxed state of mind and go into so-called theta state of the mind. Theta is a state of mind between sleep and awake. You automatically go through that state of mind at least two times a day. When you wake up and when you are falling asleep. In that state of mind, I can talk directly to your subconscious or your spirit guides. In this mental state you can channel your guides. This has been known for tens of thousands of years. It is known for example that a shamanic healer can dance to up to 18 hours to a drum beat until they reach the theta state of mind and can then act as a channel of communication to his spirit guides or even channel the spirit guides of others. How do you think the tribes of the past have been able to get information, like how to dig up a poisonous root, store it in a certain way, and then cook it in a another way and then for the first time it is nutritious and good for the human body?

    I have been developing my own healing techniques and I have one of my good friend that agreed to create a channel of communication with my own spirit guides, and yes it was an amazing experience. In other words, I was allowed to talk to my friend's guides first, then when we finished with the self-healing of the body, I was allowed to channel in my own guides to talk directly to them. Today, while writing this short book, I have learned to always ask my guides to work with us when I work with people, that is to say, I offer their spirit guides to get help from my own 13 spirit guides. The help is always appreciated and they immediately start working together as one and the self-healing session becomes much more powerful for that person.

    Your guide’s greatest and best gift you can give them, is your gratitude and love for them. They live for it, so to speak, because their existence, is of course, nothing like what we know as life here in the third dimension. Our spirit guides help us in the healing session to find out what the source of the energy imbalance, so that the person can heal their body and prevent the disease from recurring, which means that they receive the actual message that’s was being presented to them. I can take an example of cancer that was created because the person had not allowed themselves to grieve. The person had suppressed it, until the cancer appeared in the body because of the energy imbalance that was created from not allowing the grief come out. Another case was cancer that came because of the fear of loss. This fear created too much flow and too little at the same time, which means a total imbalance and ended by creating cancer. The later example had to be healed through past life, but I'm not going to go further into that process in this very short book. I do want to list a few common characteristics and origins for you here though. If a person has pain in their upper back or shoulders, it is almost always related to taking on responsibilities that are not yours, worries or added weight that is not yours to carry. If a person has pain in the hips, knees or feet, it is most often because there are steps that the person needs to make, steps in a certain direction in life and the person is not listening to their intuition. You are trapped or stuck somewhere, and you know that this, whatever it is, is a calling you to make some kind of a change that you ignore on a regular basis. Sometimes, however, leg injuries can simply mean that you need to slow down and become more focused. Your body and spirit guides is a much more complicated phenomenon than you might realize, and it’s nothing you need to understand completely, you only need to listen to the messages that are being presented!

    Sometimes, it’s not energy blocks that cause a disease, because sometimes the person gets too much energy. Then the energy has to exit out somewhere else. Hyperactive people, for example, almost always have too much energy flow through the chakras, or in one or more chakra. People who have skin problems like eczema, for example, is usually because the excess energy breaks out through the skin. This is all possible to cure and heal by reducing the energy flow through the hyper active chakras.

    Although you can treat almost anything with this energy flow method we will go through in chapter two, it doesn't fix the origin that caused the chakras to be too active or created the energy block. This method should be used daily, like taking your vitamins, or whatever it is that you relate to as a daily routine that you always do and make a priority in your life. Although you use this method daily, it is like taking medicine, this method will treat the symptoms of the disease or the lack of energy. In order to fix and heal you permanently, we need to know what is being said to you. Any disease, injury and imbalance in your body is always a message to you in some way. Are you ready to hear that message? Are you ready to take the steps you should be taking or stop doing what is causing the disease, injury or energy imbalance? You need to answer this question truthfully, for yourself.

    Your chakras carry your lifeforce, in a way. You have seven primary chakras in your body, although they are many more than that. Knowing these seven main chakras is enough for you, unless you start working with people in self-healing sessions, then you will learn much more than those seven. The chakras go through your spine and within that same area there is a tube, so to speak, where your prana energy flows, or in other words, your chi or lifeforce flows through your body, but we will only concentrate on your chakras for now.

    Now let's go over these seven main chakras so that you will know what they're called and what color is associated to each chakra. The colors are very important. I will describe the colors like I see them and how I have been taught, if you experience a different color in some of your chakras then then it’s fine, because they do vary a little.

  • Energy Flow - the exercise  

    The length between your chakras is approximately the same length as from the bottom of your palm and to the top of your middle fingertip. The chakra has a donut shape (torus).

    First is the root chakra and is located below your perineum, the skin between the genitals and your butt. The chakra is located just below the skin of the perineum. The root chakra has a beautiful rose red color. The root chakra is important for grounding and stability in your life. For example, it is very common for the root chakra to clog up when people experience much financial insecurity in their lives.

    Next chakra is the sacral chakra which is located just above the genitals in the spine. The sacral chakra has an orange color. This chakra is related to your libido. It is not uncommon after an unhappy marriage or violence in a relationship, whether it is mental or physical, that you block this chakra and feel little to none sexual desire or need. You stop seeing yourself as the sexual beautiful creature that you really are, regardless whether you are a man or a woman. Of course, all your chakras have far more roles than I mention here in this very short book. I just take a few examples so that who reads this and might not have a deep understanding of the chakras, will get a little bit deeper understanding.

    Next is the solar plexus and it is related to your intuition. It’s the third chakra and is located just above your navel in the spine. It has an yellow color. The yellow color is between being golden and the color of honey, and when I see it, I also see a few sparkles in this golden energy. When this chakra is in perfect balance, you can fully trust your intuition. If you get a bad feeling about something then it's not right for you.

    Next, is your heart chakra. It is located in the spine at the same height as your heart. The heart chakra is green like the most beautiful green grass or trees you've ever seen. This chakra is associated with your love, whether it is to receive love or give love. It is very common for this chakra to become clogged when you do not feel the love you should feel, or if you find it difficult to love yourself. When you feel that you are not enough.

    Then there is the throat chakra which is located in the middle of your neck. This chakra is light blue in color like the sky on a beautiful light summer night. This chakra can get clogged when you bite your tongue and you don't speak your truth. You're saying what you think others want to hear or you might feel fear of speaking out.

    Then, the third eye chakra. This chakra is just above the middle between your eyebrows in the middle of your head. It is located where the pineal gland and thalamus are. This chakra has a deep purple color. Possibly when you close your eyes and are going to sleep, when the pictures begin to appear in your mind, they might appear at first, in this beautiful purple color. This chakra is connected to seeing or sensing your spirit guides for example and also associated with sensing what is about to happen, hence sometimes called the sixth sense. This is your connection to what many people call supernatural. Your connection to the collective consciousness and through this chakra you receives a messages about knowing who is calling before you look at the phone or knowing who is knocking on the door before you go to the door.

    Seventh is the crown chakra and it has a beautiful white color, as you might imagine it would look like if an angel appeared in front of you. Perhaps you have seen this color in movies when angels are appearing or maybe you see other people's halos. This white color shines, sparkles and shimmers. The chakra is located just above the crown on your head. This is your connection to the divine or the universe. It doesn't matter what you believe in, this is your connection to your Higher Self. Those who walk through the twelve step program after realizing that they are no longer in control of things, they just need one thing to live without alcohol or drugs for a long period of time and that is to believe in something greater than themselves, no matter what that is. You don't have to be religious to experience your Higher Self. When this chakra is in perfect flow you feel the connection to everything and everyone.

    We also have an energy field around us that we call an aura. But what most people don't know is that the aura is in many layers. There are seven layers of the aura that I'm going to talk about here, although there are many more layers than that. The first seven layers of the aura are aligned to your seven chakras, that is to say, the first layer of the aura is red, the next is orange, then yellow, green, light blue, purple and the seventh layer of the aura is white. The reason why I am explaining these layers of the aura here, is because when we do the energy flow exercise in the next chapter, you will visualize the colors flowing outside the chakras and into the aura, filling each layer with that color to clean it, repair it and protect you. Those who are very sensitive can see the colors of the aura around others and can see if there is something physical or mental wrong with that person. It appears in the color of the aura. For example, when there is black in the aura, something is wrong, but of course it sometimes shows up in different colors. Those who can read the aura can see which organs or location in your body needs healing. You can also read from the aura, see and experience shocks or traumas from your past or even from your past lives, and then you can deal with it and help self-heal what is needed. You can then help release, change or heal the suppressed emotions that have been causing the energy imbalance from this trauma.

    As we go through the energy flow, we begin by visualizing a beautiful pyramid made of pure white light. This pyramid is a powerful force. We will be using it to clean the body and clear out energy blocks. You begin by visualizing this powerful pyramid inside your heart chakra and then visualize as the pyramid grows and expands until it is large enough so that you can be completely inside of it. The pyramid will stay around you during the whole exercise. The pyramid can be programmed to protect you from energy vampires for example, you know what I mean, from people who live of your energy and you feel drained after being around them, but thats material for another course. The more you use your pyramid, the stronger it gets. Do not underestimate the power of your mind, you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for, and if you do not already know it, your thoughts are actual things. Every time you say something, think something, and feel something, you are shaping the world around you. Yes, you are that powerful.

    As we go through your chakras in the energy flow exercise, I will ask you to turn the energy in each of your chakras and I want you to do it clockwise. I will ask you to visualize yourself spinning the energy like you would spin a spinning top. When you see or feel that the energy starts spinning, you will see a swirling vortex form in the center of the donut shaped chakra like when you fill a sink with water and then pull the plug from the sink. When you visualize the vortex then you will visualize a turnable knob next to the chakra. When we have successfully opened the chakra, I will guide your attention to the turnable knob and you can adjust the energy flow in that chakra by turning it to the left or right depending on whether you need more or less energy flow, until the flow becomes perfect. We do this to increase or decrease the energy flow of each chakra, because you might have an over-active flow or energy clogs. We do this to deal with both scenarios. If you do not know how a turnable knob looks like, you can visualize two buttons to increase and decrease the energy flow, like the volume buttons on a TV remote control. One button above that increases the energy flow and the other button below which reduces the energy flow. You press the buttons or rotate the knob as needed until the energy flow is perfect. Trust the first feeling that comes to you about the perfect energy flow for you, that's exactly right.

    We also have a larger torus shaped energy field around our bodies. This electromagnetic field is in a torus shape from the crown chakra around your body approximately as big as your hands can swing and your energy travels back into the root chakra where the energy has become red again. Your energy flows in both directions. From the crown chakra down to the root chakra and vise versa, then goes in this torus shape around the body.

    Now you are ready to go and activate the pyramid, adjust the perfect flow and cleanse your aura and fill each layer of your aura. This exercise is one of the most powerful and simple exercises you can do for your body. It does not take long, and it is necessary that you do this once a day if you have not healed the origin, of what is really bothering you. How you heal the origin is matter for a much bigger course. You can search for a good healer around where you live who can help you interpret the message that is being presented to you, so that you can address it.

    Now get as comfortable as you can in a sitting position. Do not do this exercise unless you can be free from distractions.

    When you have experienced with daily practice how much this impacts your health and wellness, it would be an honor to receive a testimonial or review from you here on Simpliv or contact me directly.

    I love you and thank you for listening to your guides, who guided you here.

Thank you!
  • You are freaking awesome!  

    Thank you, keep going this is only your first step! Thank you are freaking awesome!

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