Course: Don't Give Up on the Second Coming

Don't Give Up on the Second Coming

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About this Course

In this course, student will learn the basic truths of the Bible's teaching about the Second Coming. Attention is given to literal vs figurative language; the purpose of Daniel's seventieth week and how authors present and past have used timelines, date setting and sensationalism to predict the Second Coming of Christ.

Who this course is for:

  • The target students are people who want to know why so many attempts to set the date of Jesus’ Second Coming have failed. They also want to know how to interpret the Bible’s teaching on this important subject correctly
Basic knowledge
  • A basic knowledge of the Bible’s content will be helpful, but not absolutely necessary
What you will learn
  • In this course, students will learn the basic truths of the Bible’s teaching about the Kingdom of God. Special attention will be given to the ways that the Kingdom of God provides the foundation for our understanding of end-time teaching. Students will learn the difference between the reign of the Kingdom and the realm of the Kingdom
Number of Lectures: 8
Total Duration: 01:06:57
Don't Give Up on The Second Coming
  • How Language is Used in Bible Prophecy  
  • The Six Purposes of the Seventy Weeks  
  • More on Daniel’s Seventieth Week – Uncovering the Antichrist  
  • Uncovering the Antichrist (Part 2)  
  • No Man Knows the Hour  
  • Question & Answer - 1  
  • Question & Answer - 2  
  • Question & Answer - 3  
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