Course: Five-Fold Ministry

Five-Fold Ministry

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About this Course

This course is taught in English and translated into Telegu. The Five-fold ministry is still active today. The Word of God emphatically states that the resurrected Christ gifted individuals to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. There is not one scriptural indication anywhere that any of the five have been recalled, dispensationally depleted, or removed from their Christ-appointed ministry to the Church throughout her existence on earth.  The equipping of these offices bring in a Christ unified body that is built up and mature.

Basic knowledge
  • Some knowledge of Bible is helpful
What you will learn
  • This course is spoken in English and translated into Telugu. Students will see Jesus as our first example in each of the offices of the Five-fold. Students will learn about the unity that these offices bring to the body of Christ and how these offices are divided up by orientation. The questions that arise should be, "Am I establishing my own ministry? Or am I helping establishing the ministry of others whom God has called?
Number of Lectures: 3
Total Duration: 00:29:09
The Five-fold Ministry (Part 1)
  • Part 1  

    Part 1

The Five-fold Ministry (Part 2)
  • Part 2  

    Part 2

The Five-fold Ministry (Part 3)
  • Part 3  

    Part 3

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