Indian Divisional Charts for Accurate Horoscope Prediction - Astrology

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'Indian Divisional Charts for Accurate Horoscope Prediction - Astrology' - Course explains about the importance of divisional charts in Astrology. Divisional charts are the foundation of Indian Vedic Astrology. As an astrologer, he/she should know the truth behind these Divisional Charts. Divisional charts are useful to identify the planet's strength and weakness and it plays an important role in horoscope prediction. Divisional chart's calculation and predictions are taught no where today and many astrologers are predicting horoscope only by using D1 chart or Rasi Chakra. Only few astrologers are practicing this precious method. First part of this course will teach you how to construct the divisional charts from D2 to D60 in a traditional way. This course will be useful for predicting the horoscope without any confusion.

Basic knowledge
  • No additional knowledge in Astrology is required. Everything will be taught from the basics

What will you learn
  • The fundamentals of Divisional Charts
  • Importance of Divisional Charts for accurate horoscope predictions
  • Construction of Divisional Charts in a traditional way
  • Realize the roots of an Indian Astrology and it's accuracy
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 36 Total Duration: 02:18:12

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