Course: Study the Bible (2); Freedom to Choose Your 'Starting Point'

Study the Bible (2); Freedom to Choose Your 'Starting Point'

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About this Course

“It is Quality rather than Quantity that matters.” [Seneca]

"Freedom to Choose Your 'Starting Point' course

Takes the words written in the Bible

And resurrect them from "Wisdom" [Quantity] 

To the Creator of the Universe "Speech" [Quality], 

Which appeals to every one of the people in our world

And guides us how we can bring better life

Both personally and internationally.

Through examining a seemingly simple concept, such as 'Creation,' 

we can learn how to live a better life

We will begin reading the first verses of the Bible

Which describe the creation of light and darkness

We will understand how far the messages of the Bible from us

Slowly, we'll bridge the gap

And bring those insights closer to understanding

Grant us Full life, Empowering, an explanation 

That will fill your life with enlightenment and fullness.

Here you will take your first step

In the series of courses that will 'Open the Gate' for you

For a broad and inspiring understanding

Which gives eternal life

For those who act by these messages

For the avoidance of doubt, 

The old Hebrew Nation don't think that everyone should be Jewish!

But yes, there are some 'Rules of Ethics'

That if we knew how to adopt them

The world will become a better place.

And who does not want to stop wars and Instead, 

To find us all humanity focuses on a joint struggle 

Against diseases and hunger in the world?

Freedom to Choose Your 'Starting Point' is holding the key, 

The first step. 

And it begins with every one of us Inside ourselves.

As a student of essential rabbis who preserved the Ancient Hebrew tradition, 

And as an educator in the State of Israel who taught the Bible for more the 30 years, 

I got to "crack" the messages here,

In a way that introduces you to 'Hidden Content' from the public throughout the generations,

By explaining complex matters comprehensively and entertainingly.

This is your chance to be exposed to these contents and to bring you to a full inner strength.

Who this course is for:

  • All those who demand truth
  • This is a course for anyone, no matter what religion he is, or whether he believes. Finally, we reveal the Hebrew Nation secrets
  • If you are looking for real spirituality and not something abstract and incomprehensible YOU in the right place
Basic knowledge
  • No. only open Minded
  • No other actions are required by the students other than In-depth search for the truth
  • This Bible learning course can benefit both longtime readers of the Bible and those who have not read the Bible at all
What you will learn
  • Achieve more significant levels of joy and freedom by understanding that YOU have a choice to decide the underlying assumptions of your life
  • Recognize how the spark of giving to someone else – provides divine strength to the giver.
  • We will learn the exact meaning of creation not as the common mistake of this expression
  • We will demonstrate & explore the idea of revelation
  • Understand how to be more present in your life
  • Increase YOUR responsibility awareness and Freedom of Choice
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 01:03:30
  • Introduction  

    I present here briefly the contents of the course.

Addressing the right attitude
  • Find the INNER SPARK inside YOU  

    “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.” Said Helen Keller. The first step is to start looking Inside ourself's; we will find Surprizing answers!

  • 6 Points YOU will gain in this Journey  

    Here we will start building our Self-Esteem and life towards new and unexplored heights. Take your first step Living a Life With full Self-Confidence to follow Your Dreams

'First Day' as an Opening
  • Questioning the first words of the BIBLE  

    As soon as we are reading it over, 

    We stand still In front of some questions 

    That immediately rush through our minds...

Admissible Rules of Logic
  • 'Creation' according to the philosopher  

    Is it possible to create something from nothing? 

    For God probably it's not hard to do so, even though it's not logically at all

    So what exactly our LOGIC people say about this 'creation'?

Understanding 'Creation', the second word of the BIBLE
  • 5.1 Two meanings of the word 'Creation'  

    In two steps we would realize how the Old Hebrew Nation explain this expression. 

    This is One step before acting according to this broad understanding

  • 5.2 The source of brotherhood  

    When we understand the profound meaning of the word 'Creation' like the sages of Israel, 

    We start to understand why we need to give other's space to live next to us.

Foundation of Morality
  • God, a 'Wisdom' or 'Behaviour'?!  

    One can believe that God exists

    And still not see any connection between God and Human

    God is only the 'wise' thing who 'Created' everything

    And maybe there are questions here

    That Affect our behavior?

    All this and more, we will learn in the next section

  • Can scientists Believe in God?  

    Yes, I know, It's annoying question. But, if you want to learn the source of faith, You will be surprised with the answers inside.

  • The most Astonishing moment in LIFE  

    Who can force you to decide the answers to those questions? 

    No one! 

    It is up to you to determine what side are you taking.

Conclusion and Bonus
  • We never contradict the "Law of Identity."!  

    All we need to do is to learn those Basic Concepts from the Original people (dynasty of Shem) the "Keepers of the Secrets."

  • Intellect versus Prophecy - What a Phenomena difference!  

    We learned in profound explanation the word 'Creation.' We are starting to understand the deep meaning of 'Revelation.' In the bonus part; I'm presenting parable explaining 'Epiphany' profoundly.

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