Course: The Power of the Prophetic Proclamation

The Power of the Prophetic Proclamation

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About this Course

This course is a Biblical study of prophesying in general, and of personal prophesying in particular. After the scriptural foundation is laid, descriptions of fulfilled prophecies are given from the teacher's personal experience. Scripture, Old and New Testament, is the boundary, but also the springboard for prophetic ministry. This course is an invitation to a lifetime of exploring Acts 2:17,18, in ancient understanding and current application.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to release the power of God through prophetic ministry
Basic knowledge
  • Be a Christian Believer with Basic Understanding of the Bible
What you will learn
  • Bible Basis for Prophetic Ministry; How to become Personally Involved in Prophetic Ministry
Number of Lectures: 13
Total Duration: 01:55:02
The Power of Prophetic Proclamation - Introduction
  • Personal Prophecy - Introduction  

    This is an overview of the course, describing the areas to be covered in the remaining lectures. By the end of this lecture, the student will be ready to ingest the teaching in the rest of the course, including the three life-changing personal prophecies the teacher has received.

Personal Prophecy - Terminology
  • Personal Prophecy - Terminology  

    In this lecture we break down some of the terms that are used by people who enter a serious discussion of this subject. Are all who prophesy also prophets? What is the proper distinction between these terms?

Personal Prophecy - The Prophecy Over Dr David Nichols
  • Nichols Prophecy  

    This segment of the course is an actual video of a personal prophecy which was uttered over your teacher (Dr. David Nichols) on March 8, 2001. This prophecy was so detailed in its content and focused in its predictions that it changed my life. The main prophecy itself is rendered in black and white, while clips of fulfillment which came years later, are rendered in color.

Personal Prophecy - The God Who Speaks
  • The God Who Speaks  

    In this lecture, your teacher lays a foundation from the Old Testament which establishes that God speaks to human beings out of His very Divine nature.

Personal Prophecy - How Prophecy Works
  • How Prophecy Works  

    In this lecture we take up the Old Testament story of King Ahab and the Prophet Micaiah. This is one of the most detailed stories of personal prophecy in the Bible, and it has much to teach us.

Personal Prophecy - The Elements of Prophecy
  • Elements of Prophecy  

    In this lecture we identify and describe the three major elements of every prophetic word. They are: the revelation itself, the interpretation, and the application. By understanding how these relate to each other, the student will be able to create Biblical boundaries for his/her prophecies.

Personal Prophecy - Who Can Prophesy?
  • Who Can Prophesy?  

    This lecture is an exposition of Acts 2:17,18. We take up the amazing implications of the Holy Spirit being poured out on "all flesh."

Personal Prophecy - What Prophecy Looks Like
  • What Prophecy Looks Like  

    This lecture is a study of prophecies in Luke chapter one, where Luke uses the stories surrounding the births of John the Baptist and Jesus to prepare for what he will teach in the book of Acts. Remember that Luke-Acts is a two-volume work written to instruct us about the life of Jesus and of the early church after the death and resurrection of Jesus. What do Zecharias, Elizabeth, Mary, and Simeon all have in common? Each of them (young/old, men/women) fulfills the prophesy, in advance, so to speak of the Spirit being poured out on all flesh.

Personal Prophecy - Prophecy Break!
  • Prophecy Break - The Prophetic Word Over Pastor Steve Ekholm  

    In this segment, we go into the prophetic laboratory, so to speak, and see a prophecy given over Pastor Steve Ekholm.

Personal Prophecy - New Testament Prophecy
  • New Testament Prophecy  

    In this important lecture, we establish the New Testament pattern for personal prophecy through a careful study of Acts 21:10-12. The difference between Old Testament prophesying and New Testament prophesying is clearly shown. By the end of this lecture, the student will be able to apply this difference to his/her own prophesying.

Personal Prophecy - The Sons Return
  • The Sons Return - The Account of Dr Nichols' Sons Returning to Jesus  

    This segment of the course is a description of a prophecy given by Dr. Nichols' sixteen-year-old son Dan, and its fulfillment over the following three and a half years.

Personal Prophecy - Prophecy From India - Nagi
  • Prophecy From India - Nagi  

    This segment of the course is a description of a prophetic vision and prophetic word given to an Indian pastor named Nagi Reddy. Fifteen years in advance, he saw Dr Nichols entering his village to preach the Gospel. He prophesied this word for fifteen years until Dr Nichols stood before him in March of 2003. Major takeaways for the course are given at the end of this lecture.

The Gsopel Message
  • The Gsopel Message  
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