Course: Acoustic Guitar Basics

Acoustic Guitar Basics

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About this Course

This course will get you playing the acoustic guitar in no time. 

You will learn all the basics needed to get you started, along with strumming patterns that will have you playing songs in a very short period of time. During the videos any chords that are being used will appear onscreen and there are video inlays to give you a closer look at what my left-hand fingers are doing. A visual representation of the strumming patterns will also be shown onscreen where necessary. 

The strumming patterns and chord diagrams are included as supplemental materials so they can be downloaded and studied separately from the videos. 

The course should take approx. 5 weeks to complete if you are an absolute beginner with no previous experience. Also if you've always wanted to play guitar or tried to learn guitar before but found changing chords or strumming was difficult then this is the course for you.

Basic knowledge
  • This course is designed for absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of the instrument. Also for students who might have tried learning guitar before but had difficulty with chord changes or strumming. These key parts of learning the instrument are covered in a simple and effective manner
What you will learn
  • How to hold the guitar
  • Exactly where to place your fingers to play the basic guitar chords
  • How to read chord diagrams
  • How to play chords of G, D, C, Em, Am, Cadd9
  • Basic strumming patterns
  • How to tune the guitar
  • How to use a capo
Number of Lectures: 17
Total Duration: 01:47:49
  • Introduction  

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking this course. I hope you will enjoy learning the guitar.

  • What Guitar do I need?  

    In this lecture the differences between steel-string acoustic guitars and classical nylon-strung guitars are explained.

Getting Started
  • Names of the strings  

    Learn to identify your guitar strings by letter and by number. This is important both for tuning and being able to communicate with other guitarists.

  • Parts of the Guitar  

    It's important to be able to identify the parts of your instrument so in this lecture you will learn the names of the main parts of the guitar.

    0:09 Headstock, Tuners, Nut

    1:02 Neck, Frets, Fingerboard

    2:15 Sound-hole, Body, Top

    2:31 Bridge, Saddle, Bridge pins

  • How to tune the guitar  

    Keeping your guitar in tune is going to be really important, learn how in this lecture.

  • How to hold the guitar  

    Learn the correct way to hold the guitar and also some pitfalls to avoid.

    0:00 The correct sitting position

    1:40 Bad posture

    2:20 The right arm position

  • Your first chord  
  • A quick test  
Your first song
  • Your first song - A Horse With No Name  

    How to read chord diagrams. Also learn the basics of an easy 2 chord song 'A Horse With No Name' by America.

    0:00 How to read chord diagrams

    0:44 Eminor as a chord diagram

    1:40 Your second chord D6/9

    3:50 Changing between chords

    6:17 Downward strumming

    8:42 Advice for practising

  • Strumming  

    This lessons shows you how to expand on the rhythm learned in the previous video.

    0:19 Explaining how to include upward strums

    1:35 Upward strumming

    2:40 Upward strumming with just Em chord

    3:55 Upward strumming with Em and D6/9 chords

    4:35 Some tips on what to watch out for

  • Another test  
More Chords
  • D Major, C add 9 and G Major chords  

    Learn 3 new chords in this lesson with some tips to help you change between them easily.

    0:39 'A Horse With No Name' at faster pace

    1:49 The D chord

    3:59 Cadd9 chord

    5:10 The G chord

    6:18 Alternative way of playing the G chord

    7:10 Changing between the chords

  • Sweet Home Alabama  

    In this lesson we are going to take the 3 chords from the previous video and start to turn them into 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynyrd Skynyrd

    0:29 The chord sequence 4 beats per chord

    3:01 The chord sequence with 2 beats for D, 2 beats for Cadd9 and 4 beats for G

    6:01 Strumming through the chord sequence

  • Targeting 'Root' notes  

    For some chords we don't want to play all of the strings. This lesson explains how.

    0:22 What strings to play for D chord

    0:55 What strings to play for Cadd9 chord

    1:04 What strings to play for G chord

    1:14 Adding some rhythm

    2:10 Tips on how to practise for this lesson

  • Good Riddance - Green Day  

    This lesson shows you how to put 4 of the chords you have learned into a song by Green Day, 'Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)'

    0:55 First chord sequence in the song

    3:08 Bars explained

    3:45 Strumming the first sequence

    5:00 Changing between Em and D

    6:00 Second chord sequence

    8:21 Third chord sequence

    10:00 The entire song

    12:03 Practising slowly

More Rhythm and More Chords
  • Improve your rhythm  

    Learn how to improve your rhythm in this lesson

    0:35 Review of downward strumming

    1:06 Down and up strums

    1:22 New rhythm without up strum after 1st beat

    2:58 Rhythm without downward strum on 3rd beat

    4:47 Adding this rhythm to 'A Horse With No Name'

    6:38 Adding rhythm to 'Good Riddance'

  • Stand By Me - C chord  

    Your next chord is C major, learn where to place your fingers for this chord and add it to Em, G and D to play 'Stand By Me'

    0:00 C major chord

    1:10 Chord sequence for <em>'Stand By Me'</em>

    2:00 Changing from Em to C

    3:08 Changing from C to D

    4:12 Strumming the chord sequence

    5:58 Review of the rhythm

    6:31 Adding the rhythm to the chords

    7:38 Using a Capo

    10:26 Strumming the song with capo at 2nd fret

    11:16 Avoiding the 6th string

  • Knockin' On Heavens Door - Am chord  

    Learn the A minor chord and combine it with G, D and C chords to play 'Knockin' On Heavens Door'

    0:00 The A minor chord

    1:00 Chord sequence for 'Knockin' On Heavens Door'

    2:51 Strumming the sequence

    3:49 Changing from Am to G

    4:40 The chord sequence with twice the number of beats per chord

    5:30 Sequence with correct amount of beats per chord

  • Conclusion  
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