Course: How To Do A Super Bowl Commercial To Build Your Business

How To Do A Super Bowl Commercial To Build Your Business

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About this Course

This is another Stan Hustad What It Takes short course for busy leaders and entrepreneurs who want to learn a lot of practical ales, business, and marketing ideas in under one hour.

Stan takes his over 30 years of world wide broadcasting experience and teaches you all the secrets and basics you need to know to do:

  • A great one minute commercial, presentation, for your website YouTube Channel, and all the other social media platforms where people say "wow" that was good, that was cool
  • Your one minute show for your business networking group will be so good that people remember it
  • Forget the elevator speech stuff, the Super Bowl formula is far more powerful.

You will learn the open secrets and strategies for starting to be a great media marketer by knowing:

  • That they don't care and what you can do about it
  • The power of the secret sign that everybody wears and you better know what it says
  • If you do not know the AIDDA formula that you are not ready to business and be a leader in the 21st century
  • You will learn that there is only one way to effect people's behavior to do good things and you better know what it is

You will have a far better understanding of what is really going on with media and online advertising and marking and how to take advantage of it.

Stan will be available to answer your questions and be a teacher mentor throughout your taking the course.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, and someone seeking to move ahead in your career, and you need to sell you and your ideas to others you must take this course
  • If You want to learn how to lead and persuade others you need to learn these powerful ideas and secrets
  • If you just don't care about your career, don't like new ideas and are totally satisfied with where you are in life and business ... don't take this course
Basic knowledge
  • If you don't know, find out what the American (USA) National Football League Super Bowl is and how millions of dollars is spent on the advertising and that just as many people watch the spectacle for the advertising as watch the actual game
What you will learn
  • You will know how the professionals do a powerful radio and TV commercial that companies pay millions of dollars to produce and put on the air
  • You will learn the powerful communication formula that will make you a powerful presenter and know the key to persuading others to take action
  • You will be able to a YouTube/Vimeo/ Facebook/LinkedIn promotional video to further your career and build your business
  • You will be able to make money with your own powerful Video advertising, and be able to coach others in how to do their commercial in order to build your influence and income
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 00:54:19
Here is the Story that is a power parable of the situation that everybody is in.
  • You Have Won One of The World's Great Business Opportunities. Now, What To Do  

    I love to tell stories and here is a fun story to get you thinking about some incredible possibilities. Indeed you need to do a great Super Bowl Commercial. So take seven minutes and just listen to the story. It will make you smile.

The Five Big Things You Need to Know and Then Do to Be a Media Master Marketer.
  • Here are the three powerful machines that have changed the entire marketplace.  

    Here is the story of the machines that have changed the world and the world of marketing for you and your business. Think about how they have changed your life.

  • Here is the human nature reality that you must know to be a powerful marketer.  

    This may shock you but when you begin to think about it will not surprise you!. Now what are you going to do about this. Are you going to change your message?

  • Get ready for the Formula you have to know and the work you have to do.  

    The big formula is doming and here is a clue ...Have you heard something like this before?

  • Here it is - THE FORMULA for marketing power, effectiveness, and greatness.  
  • Now here is the rest of the story that you need to know to make a powerful show.  
Thank You!
  • Thank you, final thoughts, and what to do now!  
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