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About this Course

This course gives you the fundamental concepts of the Optimal Selling Program. It describes what Optimal Selling is, what it takes to be the Optimal Salesperson, gives you the most important sales techniques and explains how to manage yourself to sales success and become the Optimal Salesperson. It is a self-contained program and if you apply these principles consistently you will eliminate wasted time with prospects who will never buy and close a higher percentage of your opportunities. It will put you on the road to breaking thru barriers and reaching that elusive next level. 

Basic knowledge
  • No specific knowledge is required except that you should know what you are selling and who you are trying to sell it to
What you will learn
  • Have the ability to close more sales
  • Have a process to use on every sales call - stop "winging it".
  • Understand what it takes to be Successful in sales - or what we call the "Attributes of the Optimal Salesperson"
  • Stop wasting time with people who will never buy
  • Learn the process for life long growth as a salesperson
  • Begin to break thru the barriers that are holding you back
Number of Lectures: 10
Total Duration: 01:47:16
The Process for Growth
  • The Attributes of the Optimal Salesperson  

    Lesson 1 - The Attributes of the Optimal Salesperson If you ever wondered what it takes to be a top producer, this lecture will answer that question. It is the lecture upon which all other lectures are built. It will explain why you may have been struggling to achieve the success you want and deserve. It will also explain why others, seemingly less talented than you, have greater success. And finally, it will explain why other sales training courses you may have taken have had no lasting effect. Pay special attention to the last half of the lecture where I discuss self-limiting beliefs and hidden weaknesses, because that is the true reason behind your success, or lack thereof. You should return to this lecture frequently, as it will act as a guide to your growth as a sales professional.

    Assignment: Which attributes are you missing?

    Make a list of the attributes of the Optimal Salesperson you believe you may be missing. Then narrow it down to 1 or 2 to work on for the next few weeks. The easiest place to get a measurable result in a short amount of time is to focus on getting commitments before you make a proposal.


    • The Attributes of the OSP Outline.pdf
    • Self Assessment - Attributes of the Optimal Salesperson.pdf

  • The Process for Growth  

    Lesson 2 - The Process of Growth: Growth in sales is not an intellectual process. The level you can achieve is a function of your belief systems and your comfort zone. This lecture describes the process you must go through to have true and lasting growth. It requires the expenditure of emotional energy to overcome the self-limiting beliefs you have. When you go through this process and incorporate it into your daily life, you can achieve true effortless high performance.


    • Process for Growth Outline.pdf
    • Self Assessment - Process for Growth.pdf

  • Creating Sales Activity Plan  

    Lesson 3 - Creating the Sales Activity Plan: In this lecture I show you how to create a plan to get you to the next level. It's not a marketing plan. It is a sales activity plan. You probably already know who to call on. This gives you a track to run on and to compare yourself against on a weekly basis. If you do not have the conversion ratios on hand, just take an educated guess and start making calls and tracking your results. You will be adjusting these on a regular basis anyway.

    Assignment: Create Your Sales Activity Plan

    In this assignment you will calculate how much sales activity you need to do on a weekly basis in order to meet your sales goals and achieve the financial success you deserve.


    • Creating The Sales Activity Plan - Outline.pdf
    • Self Assessment - Creating & Tracking Sales Activity Plan.pdf
    • Sales_Activity_Plan_Worksheet.xls
  • Tracking Sales Activity Plan  

    Lesson 4 - Tracking Sales Activity Plan: Tracking your activity is essential to rapid growth. Yet, most salespeople rebel against doing it. It is simple, it is easy and there is an almost exponential return on your investment of time. Use the spreadsheet provided or one of your own making, but whatever you do, keep track of what you are doing on a day to day basis. The sales activity plan is the scoreboard of sales success.

    Assignment: Track Your Sales Activity

    Keep track of your sales activity daily and summarize it at the end of the week. Either use your CRM or a simple spreadsheet. Pencil and paper work just as well. The time estimate given is the total time it should take for the week.


    • Tracking Sales Activity Outline.pdf
    • Self Assessment - Creating & Tracking Sales Activity Plan2.pdf
    • Sales_Activity_Plan_Worksheet.xls
Sales Process Essentials
  • ME-Centered vs. Prospect-Centered Selling  

    Lesson 5 - Me-Centered Vs. Prospect-Centered Most salespeople are focused on themselves and their product or service. This lecture explains the importance of focusing on your prospect.

    Assignment: Focus on the Prospect

    The goal of this exercise is to practice focusing on the prospect rather than on yourself and your product.


    • Self Assessment - Me-Centered vs Prospect Centered Selling.pdf
    • Me-centered vs Prospect-Centered - Outline.pdf

  • Baseline Selling Model  

    Lesson 6 - Baseline Selling Model: About 70% of all salespeople do not follow any particular selling process. They just wing it. To be a top producer you need an effective process you can use every time. This lecture introduces the Baseline Selling process developed by David Kurlan. It is very effective and will increase your closing rate and save you lots of time.

    Assignment: Debrief your Sales Calls

    This exercise is a short list of questions to ask yourself at the end of each call to test whether you followed the sales process or not.


    • Self Assessment -Baseline Selling Model.pdf
    • Baseline Selling Model Outline.pdf
  • Getting A Commitment  

    Lesson 7 - Getting A Commitment Closing is the process of getting commitments. This lecture gives the basic process that we will use and build on throughout the program.

    Assignment: Get a Commitment before you Propose

    This is just a short checklist to see if you are setup properly to close?


    • Getting a Commitment - Outline.pdf
    • Self Assessment - Getting A Commitment.pdf
The Two Most Powerful Sales Techniques
  • The Push Away Technique  

    Lesson 8 - The Push Away Technique: This is the most powerful and effective sales technique. It is counter-intuitive, but you will find it useful in a variety of situations and we will make use of the technique throughout the program.

    Assignment: Create Pain Statements

    This is a simple exercise to get you ready to ask questions in more effective non-salesy kind of way.


    • the push away technique -Outline.pdf
    • Self Assessment - The Push Away Technique.pdf
  • The Struggle Technique  

    Lesson 9 - The Struggle Technique: This is another counter-intuitive technique. You may struggle (no pun intended) with this one but it is actually a very natural human reaction which you can take advantage of.


    • the struggle technique-outline.pdf
    • Self Assessment - The Struggle Technique.pdf

BONUS Lecture: General Process to Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs
  • General Process to Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs  

    Bonus Lecture - General Process to Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs: As you learn in Lecture 1 the key to growth as a salesperson lies in your ability to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs and hidden weaknesses. This bonus lecture gives a step-by-step method for doing just that. Once you master this process, you can be assured that you will have a continuous series of quantum leaps, and your sales effectiveness will grow exponentially.  


    • Self Assessment - Geneal Process For Overcoming Hidden Weaknesses.pdf
    • General process for Overcoming SLB and hidden weaknesses outline.pdf
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