Course: Telling Stories is Attractive & The Way To Sales Success!

Telling Stories is Attractive & The Way To Sales Success!

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About this Course

Let me do what i always do in a WiT= What it Takes course; challenge you! here is my challenge statement - Storytelling is the only effective means of communication. I mean that, if you want to effect people in a way that they take actions, significant action happens when people hear the seven powerful words - Please, let me tell you a story.

In this short but powerful course you will learn why storytelling works. You will learn why you must have a story to tell to the world. You will become one of the smart ones who often says, "Tell me, what's your story."

You will learn the ways to begin to become a great storyteller. Indeed you will become more interesting, more connected, and possibly indeed, more attractive. You will finally start enjoying many things that you tended to avoid as you see the power of storytelling taking hold in your life and work. You will have the confidence to speak up, stand out, and make your marek.

Who this course is for:

  • Storytelling is basic to good marketing, public speaking, selling, and leading and persuading others. if you want to be better ethos kiss and attitudes, take this course. If not, don't take it.
Basic knowledge

They should think about people they know that when the think about it , they smile and say,

What you will learn
  • To know how to check out the truth of the title, Men who tell good stories are more attractive, and decide what that means to you an your business
  • You will know that you must become a better storyteller if you want to be a successful entrepreneur
  • You will know how to start building your storytelling skills for greater influence and impact.
  • You will know the basic structure of a good story
  • You will have specific assignments and exercises that can turn you into a better storyteller and entrepreneurial marketer
Number of Lectures: 6
Total Duration: 00:33:31
Here is the deal, and why storytelling is a vital life and business skip
  • Here you go and listen to the promo again, and the invitation  

    Please take this statement and think it through and decide whether you agree or disagree, or how you feel. Enter into this brief course with an open mind and a desire to become a better communicator.

Now Here is The Way to Be World Class as a Storyteller, influencer, and marketer
  • First, what is your story and where does that lead you for others?  

    Now this gets you started with some startling and challenging statements, and it gets you started with some powerful practices to start helping you be a world class communicator.

  • Now What's your story?  

    There are some key question sin the world that you need to know and here are a few of them that you need to know and know the answer to.

  • Here are more storytelling stories that will help you be, a great storyteller  

    Please, there are basic skills and ways of thinking that will help you in your telling. let's learn them and put them into practice. It may change your life and your business.

  • Here is how you do the powerful follow up ideas to being a great storyteller  

    Please now, don't spend a lot of time reading descriptions, just get into the show and see where it takes you ,and see how you feel about these ideas ... And then watch the course again, or maybe two or three times. Remember the marketing and leaning, and remembering Rule of Seven.

  • Epilogue, Questions, Comments and Projects to perform that may change things!  

    The description of the experience is in the participating, and what we talk about together is often the real difference, and where the real results are in a course, conversation and in connecting with one another.

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