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What separates Simpliv from other courses is that students are provided categorized question charts that allow each incorrect answer to be filed into a particular question type category. Students then tally and input the sum of incorrect answers for each category into pre-formulated charts to auto-generate statistical and graphical feedback that visually identify their weaknesses! Study with Simpliv and learn Smarter than your competition.

Strategic Highlights:

  • Questions of the same category are gathered and analyzed collectively to extract relationships among similar questions
  • Question-type specific systematic procedures are constructed based on these extracted relationships
  • Experience the advantages of collective analysis
  • Generate performance graphs by simply comparing your incorrect answers against provided question category charts, tallying incorrect answer counts for each category, and entering the sum into pre-formulated question category charts

Step-by-Step Process for SAT Writing Success!

  • Step 1: [DEMO Phase] Take the demo exam and compare incorrect answers against the demo exam question category chart provided. Enter the sum of incorrect answers for each question category into the provided excel chart to auto-generate statistical & graphical feedback
  • Step 2: [Diagnostic Phase] Take the diagnostic test and score yourself
  • Step 3: [Learning Phase] Do ALL learning phase practice exams [Test1-Test 4] and compare incorrect answers against the test specific question category chart provided for each respective exam. Enter the sum of incorrect answers for each question category into the provided excel chart of each exam to auto-generate statistical & graphical feedback
  • Step 4: [Learning Phase] Watch all solution videos and categorical analyses for each exam to master the structural and logical content taught in the integrated grammar lessons
  • Step 5: [Analysis Phase] After you do 4 FULL exams and watch pertaining solution and analyses videos, you will tally your incorrect answers for each question category from the test specific question category charts of the 4 exams filled in step 3 and of the half exam demo filled in step 1 above. Then you will simply enter the sum into a cumulative graph that auto-generates graphical feedback of your performance throughout the 4.5 exams. This enables you to identify your weaknesses with statistical confidence based on an abundant 198 count question pool
  • Step 6: Watch the verb tense BONUS video to master verb tenses

Formations/Usages/Timelines/Emphasis & FOCUS/Active & Passive Voices/Verb Tenses Compared/Examples/Summary Chart of ALL Tenses

  • Step 7: FOCUS your strategy towards studying the question type templates and analyses for your identified weaknesses
  • Step 8: [Confirm Phase] Confirm your score improvement by taking the 3 BONUS exams provided
  • Step 9: [Confirm Phase] Score your BONUS exams and experience the POWER of SMART LEARNING

Basic knowledge
  • A familiarity of SAT Writing

What will you learn

You will learn general solutions to most question types as I gather questions of the same type and extract their relationships.A total of:

  • One Diagnostic exam with answer key
  • Four exams with video solutions 
  • Three more extra bonus exams with answer keys are given
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 44 Total Duration: 08:21:38

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