Course: Complete SEO course in English

Complete SEO course in English

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About this Course

How to make winning Google Organic Projects quickly and perfectly only through writing CONTENT.

This course is recommended to all professionals as well are those who are looking forward to this beautiful profession for their first time. At the end of this path you will have a very clear picture of how to deal with an SEO project through the writing of content, as well as an infinity of useful information very well arranged that help to understand many aspects of this world.

Basic knowledge
  • Sign-up to a Free tool is required to complete the exercises
What you will learn
  • You will understand how to support the implementation of an SEO project well and quickly
Number of Lectures: 32
Total Duration: 02:47:25
  • Presentation of Course  
  • The Main Terminology  
  • The Origin of Content  
  • Evolution of Content  
  • The Modern SEO  
The Rules in Wordpress
  • The Rules of Writing  
  • The Rules of Publication  
  • The Rules of Strategies  
  • The Rules of Usability  
  • Complete Project Analysis  
How prepare a Wordpress SEO project
  • Creation of TEMPLATE SEO page  
  • Inserting Placeholder and Control.  
  • Most common mistakes  
  • Activation of XML IMPORTER  
  • ADMINSEO User Activiation  
  • All IN ONE SEO PACK Setup  
  • Table CONTENT Project Creation  
  • Writing the Strategies  
  • Writing the SEO Project  
  • Creation of XML Project  
  • Publish and Check  
  • Sitemap Submission  
  • The First Analysis  
  • The Second Analysis  
Advanced Session in Wordpress
  • How to use MY SOURCE to choose a theme  
  • How to use a Custom Template in a Project  
  • How to use the INLINE Commands  
  • How to use the TAG STYLE  
  • How to associate a Custom Template  
  • How to generate with Custom Template  
  • How to personalize the INDEX PAGE  
  • How to manage a Multilingual Sitemap  
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