Course: Social Media Marketing Demystified

Social Media Marketing Demystified

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About this Course

This high level course will give those who understand marketing the competency to begin to frame a social media plan that will accomplish the desired objectives. It covers:

  • Basic understanding of social media
  • What social media is good for
  • Why social media is an essential part of today’s marketing mix and then goes into detail on
  • Social media marketing plan
  • Keyword discovery and research
  • Content discovery
  • Search optimization
  • Adwords and the use of multiple social media platforms like
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Event marketing and
  • pulling together the social media team and the all important
  • editorial calendar

The course includes a workbook template for each lesson's exercises. If completed, you will have a draft social media marketing plan ready for implementation.

The course will take about one hour to complete. The exercises will require as much time as you have available to prepare a quality social media marketing plan.

The course includes two bonus features not found anywhere else:

First, if you make a commitment to finish the course and its exercises by any date of your choosing, I will review your plan and give you feedback. Such an effort will enable you to create your plan and help refine it based upon my experience. I say any date of your choosing to help motivate you to "get it done" but at your own pace.

Second, if you do a good job by clearly demonstrating in your plan that you know how to pull the plan together. Which is, by the way, the purpose of this course, for you to learn not only what should be done but how to do it. I will give you a personal recommendation that you can use to help get a job or for any other purpose like posting on your Linkedin profile.

This is in addition to getting a course completion certificate provided by Simpliv to prove you have the skills to get the job done.

Who is the target audience?

  • Leader (CXO, Director, VP, Business Unit Manager, Start-Up, Entrepreneur)
  • Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager: Entry Level (Basic) Intermediate 
Basic knowledge
  • Have written a "Product Market Strategy" see Simpliv course " Lean Market Strategy for Business to Business Products"
  • Have written a marketing plan see Simpliv course "Product Marketing: Marketing Principles"
What you will learn
  •  Understand social media marketing and its elements
  •  Develop a social media marketing plan and be able to use its elements
  •  Implement a social media lead generation plan
  •  Understand the future of social media marketing
Number of Lectures: 37
Total Duration: 01:01:17
Introduction 1
  • Introduction  
Introduction 2
  • Social Media Marketing Lessons  
  • Learning Objectives  
  • Pre-Requisite Subjects  
  • Suggested Audience for the Course  
  • Suggested Materials  
  • Pre-Lesson Quiz  
  • Introduction Lecture Video  
  • Post-Lesson Quiz  
  • About the Exercises: For each lesson  
Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan Video  
  • Social Media Marketing Plan Exercises  
Keyword Discovery, Discovery of Content, Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Discovery - Pre-Lesson Quiz  
  • Keyword Discovery Video  
  • Keyword Discovery Exercises  
  • Keyword Discovery - Post-Lesson Quiz  
  • Keyword Discovery - Pre-Lesson Quiz 2  
  • Discovery of Content Video  
  • Discovery of Content Exercises  
  • Keyword Discovery - Post-Lesson Quiz 2  
  • Keyword Discovery - Pre-Lesson Quiz 3  
  • Search Engine Optimization Video  
  • Search Engine Optimization and ROI Exercises  
  • Keyword Discovery - Post-Lesson Quiz 3  
Marketing Reach, Lead Generation, Offers, Content and Call to Action
  • Marketing Reach - Pre-Lesson Quiz 1  
  • Marketing Reach Video  
  • Marketing Reach Exercises  
  • Marketing Reach - Post-Lesson Quiz 1  
  • Marketing Reach - Pre-Lesson Quiz 2  
  • Lead Generation Video  
  • Lead Generation Exercises  
  • Marketing Reach - Post-Lesson Quiz 2  
  • Marketing Reach - Pre-Lesson Quiz 3  
  • Offers, Call to Action and Content Video  
  • Offers, Content, and Call to Action Exercises  
  • Marketing Reach - Post-Lesson Quiz 3  
Social Media: Blogging, Linkedin, Twitter, Google + for Business, Facebook
  • Social Media - Pre-Lesson Quiz 1  
  • Blogging Video  
  • Blogging Exercises  
  • Social Media - Post-Lesson Quiz 1  
  • Social Media - Pre-Lesson Quiz 2  
  • LinkedIn Video  
  • Linkedin Exercises  
  • Social Media - Post-Lesson Quiz 2  
  • Social Media - Pre-Lesson Quiz 3  
  • Twitter Video  
  • Twitter Exercises  
  • Social Media - Post-Lesson Quiz 3  
  • Social Media - Pre-Lesson Quiz 4  
  • Google for Business video  
  • Google My Business Exercises  
  • Social Media - Post-Lesson Quiz 4  
  • Social Media - Pre-Lesson Quiz 5  
  • Facebook for Business Video  
  • Facebook for Business Exercises  
  • Social Media - Post-Lesson Quiz 5  
  • Social Media - Pre-Lesson Quiz 6  
  • SlideShare Video  
  • SlideShare Exercises  
  • Social Media - Post-Lesson Quiz 6  
  • Social Media - Pre-Lesson Quiz 7  
  • YouTube Video  
  • Social Media - Post-Lesson Quiz 7  
Building Your Social Media Marketing Team
  • Building Your Social Marketing Team  
  • Next Activities  
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