Course: Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook - Business Marketing Strategies

Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook - Business Marketing Strategies

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About this Course

Marketers spend a lot of money online to advertise to get traffic to their online assets such as web pages, blog pages, lead capture pages, etc. But did you know that with a bit of proper setup and some work over time, you can get a lot of exposure and traffic to your online assets organically on Facebook? 

In this lecture series I show you step by step how to set things up to have Facebook work for you organically so that you get a good volume of traffic to your websites and blog sites that you don't have to pay for.

I won't kid you, this takes work on your part. But if you are willing to work at it, you can see some great targeted traffic coming at you that will generate sales for you without having to spend money on advertising. 

Many people use Facebook in bits and pieces - only using some of it's capabilities. I don't know it all yet myself - I keep learning as I go, but I know quite a bit now after having studied the platform in-depth and what I teach in this course will take you a long way. 

I have learned some great strategies for selling on this platform on limited budgets - Sign up for this course and you'll know how to do it as well. See you on the inside!

Best wishes, 

Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator

Who is the target audience?

  • Small business or home business owners wishing to increase product or services sales online
Basic knowledge
  • The student should have a basic understanding of or have a user account on Facebook.
  • It targets those that primarily are small business or home business owners wishing to increase product or services sales online with limited advertising budgets available.
What you will learn
  • Students will learn how to more effectively use Facebook to generate brand awareness and increase sales.
  • They will learn how to build business through Facebook with little to no budgets for marketing.
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:38:17
Setting Up Your Facebook Business Presence
  • Online Marketing - Leveraging the Organic Power of Facebook  

    This video lecture summarizes the tips studied throughout this course. It overviews the useful online marketing strategies and tips learned to help the student keep in mind the lessons learned so they can use Facebook effectively to improve sales and traffic to their websites through the use of the provided features and capabilities. These tips will help the student to build more traffic and build greater brand awareness to their business.

  • Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page  

    Walks you through the steps in creating a business page on Facebook and discusses some strategies to setting them up.

  • Setting Up Your Facebook Tabs  

    Walks the student through setting up the Notes, Services and Shop tabs on a Facebook page.

  • Creating Services on Facebook  

    Although not mandatory to setup, this one is a good idea for most businesses as it gives you an opportunity to "Showcase" services you are willing to provide to others viewing your business page. Not only can it get you Freelance work, but it is another avenue for getting people to go to your business website where you can sell products to them and capture their e-mail addresses.

  • Creating Your Facebook Shop and First Product  

    This is an important lecture to watch. It discusses how to setup products you wish to sell on Facebook and strategies to employ in their setup.

  • Uploading Your First Promotional Video  

    Facebook loves sharing videos that you upload directly. Get some on your business page if you can - both to help promote your business and products and to get others aware of your page as Facebook shares it. And don't forget to use Hashtags.

Organically Marketing on Facebook
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook Notes  

    This is one of my favorite Facebook strategies. Facebook has a very polished user interface for creating notes and it is a great way to build in links from these notes back to your websites and places you sell from. Not to mention, you build trust with your potential customers by providing them with this additional content and notes are easy to share as posts on other business pages that you have "Liked as a Business Page". Use notes to post to Facebook groups you have joined as well. - and remember to use hashtags!

  • Creating Like as Your Page Backlinks  

    One of the key strategies to employ in this entire course. A must for getting the word out about your business page and a must for getting in front of your target markets on Facebook. Don't miss this lecture!

  • Posting to Groups on Facebook  

    A great way to get organic traffic to both your Facebook Business Page and to your web or blog site is to join and post to "targeted" Facebook Groups. This lecture shows you how to get this done.

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