Robot framework - Web automation using SeleniumLibrary

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Robot Framework is a test automation framework. It is used for simplifying your test automation process. With Robot, you can run a variety of automated tests with the assistance of Selenium Webdriver, API, Database, etc. Robot Framework is easier to learn than other frameworks and it helps you automate your tests with ease.

This course begins with covering the features, functionalities, and the use of Robot framework along with setting up the development environment wherein you will create a project and a script directory. You will then deep dive into the essential concepts of the framework such as functions, variables, loops, and test libraries with practical use cases. You will also learn how Selenium and SeleniumLibrary are used along with Robot framework for writing test cases.

By the end of the course, you will be well-versed in using Robot Framework for your test automation requirements.

  • Get well-versed with Web Automation using Robot Framework
  • Automate any website with confidence and skills gained in this course
  • Execute test scripts on a real website to acquire real-world industry specific scenarios

APPROACH - The course will follow hands-on approach. Each concept will first be explained in theory and then it will be followed by a hands-on practical examples. Best test automation practices will also be discussed to give the student an idea about how things work in industry.

Basic knowledge
  • Knowledge of basic terms used in Testing
  • Basic computer knowledge

What will you learn
  • Gain a complete understanding of Web Automation using Robot Framework
  • Automate web based applications and web services using Robot framework
  • Manage your test cases by designing structures using Robot Framework
  • Perform cross-browser testing on firefox, chrome, and Internet Explorer
  • Programming concepts in Robot Framework - Variables, Loops
  • Robot Framework libraries such as SeleniumLibrary for web UI automation

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Kamal Girdher is a Lead automation architect, with rich experience on automation of web, mobile and web service applications. He is a YouTuber, blogger and therefore passionate about teaching thousands of people all over the world.

Course Curriculum
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