Course: How To Do A Backflip - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

How To Do A Backflip - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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About this Course

How To Do A Backflip For Beginners!

Learn the Backflip in a safe, efficient and comfortable way with this unique online course!

Wether you are a tricker or an acrobat, a martial artist, someone who loves fitness and training, a traceur or free-runner, a stuntman, a dancer or maybe a fresh beginner - this course is especially designed and the perfect course for anyone willing to learn the backflip!

This course will help your backflip training and you will know how to do a backflip on ground!

While there are plenty of good tutorials out there that show how to learn a backflip, it is difficult to find a comprehensive course like this which includes different methods and tactics to learn this challenging skill. After doing thousand of backflips over the years I know that there doesn`t exist only one way to learn the backflip. It totally depends on the person and what might work for one person may doesn`t work for someone else. 

It`s merely the combination of different methods and understanding the key elements which creates this bulletproof way to learn the backflip and lead you to success!

Course Bonuses

  • 5 different methods of learning the backflip featured in one course!
  • All the tutorials and lessons are built upon each other and everything comes from one source.
  • Direct feedback from me your instructor...if you get stuck you can ask anytime and get immediate help!
  • Know how to backflip is a great level-up and gives you the perfect foundation to learn more advanced acrobatic movements!

The key things you will learn

  • Know the correct starting position and setup for the backflip
  • Understand the technique and most important key elements
  • Practice three special pre-exercises to strengthen and condition your body 
  • Learn the backflip by using five different methods and combining them
  • Learn how to do a backflip without being scared
  • Land the backflip for the first time alone without any help
  • Learn more advanced tactics to further improve your backflip
  • Continue to do backflips all over the place and have fun

Contents and Overview

The course starts with a brief introduction to myself and the course structure so that you know how to follow the lessons.

Then you will get to know the basis of the basis which`ll learn how to setup for the backflip correctly. This is what you need to learn first because it is the most important thing at all!

Before starting with the actual practice of the backflip you will learn three great pre-exercises to condition and prepare your body. These exercises contain the key elements and are ideal to memorise the correct motion. However, how much you will practice those exercises totally depends on your current level of fitness and you can do them more or less.

Once you know about the correct technique, the key elements and the pre-exercises you are ready to start with practicing the backflip motion. You will get to know five different methods of learning a backflip. Each method is broken down in easy to follow steps and you can practice at your own pace. Take the method which feels most likeable for you or combine different methods and work yourself up to the backflip - step by step - until you will land it for the first time!

At the end when you mastered the backflip you will find more tips and tricks in the bonus lesson. They will help you to improve the technique even more and really make your backflip solid as a rock! 

After finishing the course you will not only be able to land a backflip - you will also have a really nice and solid one!

If you want to learn how to do a backflip, this course is for you!

Are you ready to enter the backflip game?

Don`t hesitate because with this online course you can totally take it at your own pace. Even though you might be too busy right now you can enrol today and take the course at any other time. 

Have fun and thank you so much for your interest!

See you inside...:-)

Tom Inauen / TOMTRICKS

(Disclaimer Notice: In order to perform the exercises effectively and safely you should be in good physical condition prior to beginning the course. By registering for the course or performing these exercises you understand that exercising can lead to physical injury. If you engage in any exercise suggested by Thomas Inauen, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Thomas Inauen from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown arising out of Thomas Inauen`s negligence.)

Basic knowledge
  • Having a basic level of fitness and a predilection for acrobatic motions is recommended
  • Access to a training facility with crash mats would be great but is not necessary. There are methods in this course which only require one soft crash mat or even no mats at all
  • Motivation and patience to practice regularly
What you will learn
  • Practice the setup of the backflip and learn the basis of the flip
  • Learn the technical key elements and understand how and why the backflip works
  • Practice special pre-exercises to strengthen and condition your body for the motion
  • Practice the backflip by choosing 5 different methods depending on what`s most likeable for you
  • Switch between the training methods and use the tips and tricks which work for you to land the backflip
  • Learn to do a backflip easily!
Number of Lectures: 48
Total Duration: 00:59:42
Welcome! It`s Great to have You Here
  • About Me & The Course Structure  

    Hello! This lesson gives a brief introduction to myself and explains the structure of the course so that you will know how to follow the lessons and exercises.

Start Here - Technique and Key Elements of a Backflip
  • Basis - Starting Position and Setup  

    This lessons gives an explanation to the starting position and the correct setup for the backflip.

  • Key Element 1 - The "Arm Swinging Motion"  

    This lesson explains the first key element for the backflip, which gives you the needed height.

  • Key Element 2 - The "Leg Tucking Motion"  

    This lesson explains you the second key element which creates the flip in the motion.

Continue With This - Special Conditioning Exercises for Backflip
  • Exercise 1 - The "Tucking Drill"  

    This drill conditions your body for the tucking motion and helps you to get super strong abs and bring your knees explosively to your chest.

  • Exercise 2 - The "Setup Drill"  

    This drill helps you to get a strong and correct setup.

  • Exercise 3 - The "Backwards Fear Drill"  

    This drill helps you to get used to jumping backwards and takes away the fear step by step.

The "Spotter Method" - Use This Method for Maximum Safety and Help of Friends
  • Step 1 - Practice The Setup First  

    In step 1 you learn the correct setup. You will repeat it until you feel comfortable doing it.

  • Step 2 - Get Used To The Rotation  

    In this step the spotters will support you and you will just let yourself turn over. This is to get used to the backwards turning motion.

  • Step 3 - Try Backflip With Two Spotters  

    In step 3 you combine the setup with the turning motion. The spotters support you and you start to feel how it is to do a backflip.

  • Step 4 - Do Backflip With One Spotter  

    In step 4 we take it further and you are ready to try the backflip with just one spotter. You are just one step away from landing it by yourself.

  • Step 5 - Land The Backflip Just By Yourself  

    Step 5 is the last step and after this one you will be able to do a backflip just by your own...easy and safe! Congratulations!

The "Macaco Method" - Use This Method If You Have No Crash Mats
  • Step 1 - Learn The Macaco  

    In step 1 you will learn the macaco. This is a move originally from capoeira and it is ideal to learn backwards motion with it.

  • Step 2 - Add Momentum To The Macaco  

    In step 2 you start to add momentum to the macaco. This makes it a lot easier and you will get used to the motion.

  • Step 3 - Jump Into The Macaco  

    In step 3 the goal is to jump into the macaco. It might take a bit of courage in the beginning but it is a necessary step to continue from there.

  • Step 4 - Straight Jumping Macaco  

    In step 4 you start in making the motion more straight behind you. Take it little by little and it will soon get more straight.

  • Step 5 - Backhandspring  

    Step 5 is a big step and actually almost a new trick for itself. The Backhandspring! Work slowly and progress from a straight macaco to a backhandspring little by little.

  • Step 6 - Do A High Backhandspring  

    In step 6 you start making your backhandspring higher. Jump up powerfully and let yourself fly through the air. Gain as much hangtime as possible!

  • Step 7 - Pull Arms Back Midair (Rowing-Motion)  

    Step 7 is an important key element. By pulling your arms a bit back when you are in the air you kind of adds a little stop to your upperbody and allows your legs to catch up.

  • Step 8 - Pull Knees To The Chest Midair (Tucking-Motion)  

    Step 8 explains the second key element. By tucking (pulling your knees to your chest) you create rotation and this allows your legs to overdrive your body. And then you eventually land your first backflip!

  • Step 9 - Jump Up & Keep Looking To The Front  

    Step 9 is the last step and is the last ingredient you need for making it a "real" backflip. Try to look to the front as long as possible with your eyes and tuck as hard as you can. This gives it the shape of a backflip and you have it! Congratulations!

  • Step 10 - Bonus Tip...Use Inclined Ground If You Have Troubles  

    This step provides some ideas you can use if you have troubles in the previous steps. It mainly shows you how to use an inclined area/ground as you advantage for getting over in flipping motions. And it`s a lot of fun should try it anyways! :-)

The "Foam Pit Method" - Learn Backflip By Jumping Into A Foam Pit
  • Step 1 - Fall Backwards  

    In step 1 you start just at the very beginning. By falling backwards into the foam pit you get used to the environment....and good luck crawling out of that pit!

  • Step 2 - Add Momentum  

    Once you feel comfortable with the environment and you feel safe, you add momentum to the whole motion.

  • Step 3 - Tucking Motion & Rotation  

    In step 3 the goal is to add the tucking motion and initiate the rotation. Have fun!

  • Step 4 - Use A Crash Mat  

    In step 4 you put a crash mat into the foam pit. This gives you a better response to your actual landing and also enables you to finally land it with your feet first.

  • Step 5 - Elevated Position & Crash Mat  

    Step 5 is again one of the big steps then you leave the foam pit. You start doing the exact same backflip motion from on an elevated position on to a very soft mattress. It takes some courage but I know you can do it!

  • Step 6 - Final Step...Let`s Get The Backflip!  

    Step 6 is the last step and you are almost ready to land the backflip on flat ground. The goal is to reduce the amount of elevation until you are able to do it without any at all. Then you will have the backflip! Congratulations!

The "Trampoline Method" - Try This Method If You Like Trampolines
  • Step 1 - Do A Backward Roll  

    Step 1 starts really simple. Do just a simple backwards roll on the trampoline to get used to your environment and the motion.

  • Step 2 - Fall Into A Backward Roll  

    Ok, in step 2 you start to let yourself fall into the backwards roll. Try to come back to your feet smoothly.

  • Step 3 - Keep On Turning  

    The goal of step 3 is to let yourself bounce up and turn over on to your feet. This one is a lot of fun....try it slowly until you feel comfortable.

  • Step 4 - Backflip On Trampoline  

    In step 4 you try the backflip. You have all you need to go all the way around. Look over your shoulder first and then gradually make the motion straight.

  • Step 5 - Kill The Bounce  

    You feel comfortable with doing a backflip on trampoline and there fore in step 5 you gradually use less bounce from the trampoline until you are able to execute the backflip from a standing position.

  • Step 6 - Use A Crash Mat On Trampoline  

    In step 6 you put a crash mat on top of the trampoline and do the backflip from there. This makes it even harder. Then you even put the mat on the frame of the trampoline to kill the bounce entirely. After you land the backflip from there you will be ready to leave the trampoline!

  • Step 7 - Final Progression  

    In this last step you do the backflip on thick, soft mats. Each time you feel confident enough you take away layer by layer until you can do the backflip on normal solid ground!


The "Backhandspring Method" - Try This If You Already Can Do A Backhandspring
  • Step 1 - Do A High & Big Backhandspring  

    Step 1 starts with doing a very high backhandspring. Create as much hangtime as possible. You really want to fly through the air before touching the ground with your hands.

  • Step 2 - Pull Your Arms Back  

    Step 2 teaches you to pull your arms back in the middle of the backhandspring. This adds extra momentum to the motion and helps you to get further around. 

  • Step 3 - Pull Your Knees To The Chest  

    In step 3 the focus is on the tucking motion which means that you pull your knees towards your chest. This speeds up your legs and your rotate around your upper body. You will start making it all the way around without using your hands. 

  • Step 4 - Keep Looking To The Front  

    The last step and one last adjustment of the head. After that you will be able to do a clean, nice backflip. Congratulations!

Conclusion - Congratulations For Mastering The Backflip
  • Thank You For Taking This Course  

    You have done a lot of training, you can really be proud of yourself. I hope you will have a lot of fun with your new move the backflip!

Bonus Chapter - Backflip Training And How To Perfect Your Backflip Even More
  • Technique Tip 1 - "Keep Looking Forward"  

    In this lesson you practice to look forward as long as possible when you setup for a backflip.

  • Technique Tip 2 - "Keep Your Back Straight"  

    In this lesson you get to know the importance of keeping your back straight when you land the backflip. It helps you to absorb the energy and prevents you from lower back pain.

  • Technique Tip 3 - "Land On The Balls Of Your Feet"  

    Here you practice to land softly on your forefeet and to absorb the energy of the impact with your ankles and knee joints.

  • Improvement Tip 4 - "Do Backflip On A Higher Position"  

    In this exercise you do the backflip on a higher you will land it higher than you actually started. This will improve the height of your flip!

  • Improvement Tip 5 - "Do Backflip On A Soft Crash Mat"  

    In this lesson you do the backflip on top of a soft surface like crash mats. It is much harder to jump up and this will train your take off and your legs to become super strong!

  • Improvement Tip 6 - "Do A Layout Backflip On A Mat"  

    This lesson is a lot of fun and you will feel how you literally hang in the air. This exercise will teach you how to create and apply hang time!

  • Improvement Tip 7 - "Do Backflip With Shoes"  

    A fairly simple exercise but still different. Try to get used to do backflips with your shoes on and feel the difference. If you can do this you will be able to take it on concrete floor as well!

  • Improvement Tip 8 - "Land On Different Spots"  

    This exercise is a challenging one but a great exercise to really get a safe backflip. Each direction will feel different and it might feel weird at first....but master this and you have the backflip 100% for sure! :-)

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