Course: Data Warehouse ETL Testing & Data Quality Management A-Z

Data Warehouse ETL Testing & Data Quality Management A-Z

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About this Course

Learn the essentials of ETL Data Warehouse Testing and Data Quality Management through this step-by-step tutorial. This course takes you through the basics of ETL testing, frequently used Data Quality queries, reporting and monitoring. In this tutorial we will learn how to build database views for Data Quality monitoring and build Data Quality visualizations and reports!

..Learn to build data quality dashboards from scratch!

..Learn some of the most common mistakes made when performing ETL/ELT tests..

..Forget about manual ad-hoc ETL testing, learn more about automated ETL and data quality reports

The course contains training materials, where you can practice, apply your knowledge and build an app from scratch. The training materials are provided in an Excel file that you can download to your computer.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the course.

Who should follow this course?

  • Students that want to learn the basics of ETL/ELT testing and Data Quality Management
  • Business Analysts and Data Analysts that would like to learn more about ETL/ELT testing, frequently used queries and practical examples
  • Software Engineers that would like to build an automated solution for ETL/ELT testing using database views/dashboards
  • Data Stewards and Managers considering to apply data quality standards within their organization
Basic knowledge


  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Some experience with Visualization tools would be helpful, but not required
  • Basic setup of database (PostgreSQL, Oracle) and visualization tool (Qliksense) is recommended
What you will learn

Course content:

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • What is ETL/ELT Testing and Data Quality Management?
  • Build database views for Data Quality Monitoring
  • Build dashboards for Reporting
  • Exercises
Number of Lectures: 20
Total Duration: 01:51:59
  • Introduction  
  • What is ETL/ELT Testing and Data Quality Management?  
  • Data Categories and Classifications  
  • Data Quality Rules and Dimensions  
  • Data Requirements and Test Design - Exercise  
  • Exercises  
Build Database Views for Data Quality
  • What are Database Views?  
  • View Data Quality Completeness - Exercise  
  • View Data Quality Uniqueness - Exercise  
  • View Data Quality Validity - Exercise  
  • View Data Quality Consistency - Exercise  
  • View Data Quality Integrity - Exercise  
  • View Data Profiling - Exercise  
Dashboards and Monitoring
  • Create a Database Connection  
  • Data Quality Completeness Dashboard - Exercise  
  • Data Quality Uniqueness Dashboard - Exercise  
  • Data Quality Validity Dashboard - Exercise  
  • Data Quality Consistency Dashboard - Exercise  
  • Data Quality Integrity Dashboard - Exercise  
  • Data Profiling & Summary Dashboard - Exercise  
Reviews (1)
3 weeks before
Interesting course and knowledgeable instructor. The instructor explains how to use database views for etl and data quality monitoring, which I found very usefull, overall I enjoyed this course!