Course: SQL Fundamentals for Marketing, Digital and Web Analytics

SQL Fundamentals for Marketing, Digital and Web Analytics

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About this Course

Data is a requirement these days to run effective marketing campaigns. Application of Big Data starts with understanding the fundamentals of data and SQL. 

If you are already familiar with SQL then you can skip this course. This course teaches you all the SQL you need as a Digital Marketing Analyst or a Web Analyst. This course won't go into advanced level SQL concepts as that is not required to your job as as a Digital Marketing Analyst/Web Analyst. I strongly believe in short and simple courses that can get you ready in few hours as opposed to days.

However, if you ever get stuck or need something that I don't cover in this course then feel free to reach out to me.

Marketers and Marketing Analysts generally depend on the tools or IT department to help them pull the data for marketing purposes. IT leaves you hanging because they have other priorities as a results Marketing Analysts have to know how write SQL on their own so that they are not dependent on IT. This course is for those marketers who would like to know how to use SQL to conduct their marketing analysis. 

If you are trying for a job as a Marketing Analysts then this course is a must for you. This will help your resume shine and put you ahead of other similar candidates. The more you can handle technology and data these days the better it differentiates you from the rest of the pack.

The course uses MYSQL to show how SQL works but all the leanings and syntax are applicable to other databases such Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle as well.

This course is a must have for Web Analytics, Digital Analytics and Marketing Analytics. This course will put you way ahead of other folks doing or seeking similar jobs. I have used the same course to train members of my team so you can be assured that this is tried and tested curriculum.

Why you should learn from me?

I have been in Digital Marketing and Analytics for over 15 years. I have trained people from diverse backgrounds and have converted them into high performing Digital Marketers and Analysts. I understand both the technology and marketing side of business.  I have dealt with many analytics technologies way before Google Tag manager existed and know the inner working of Digital Analytics. 

I have extensively worked with companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, T-Mobile to name few and helped them Data Driven Marketing Decisions.

In addition, I have developed various course and taught students from all over the world. I am online instructor for University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Washington (USA), Bellevue College (USA) and Digital Analytics Association.

I have an engineering degrees and an MBA.

Who this course is for:

  • Web Analysts
  • Digital Analyst
  • Marketers
  • Business Analyst
Basic knowledge
  • Basic computer skills
What you will learn
  • Write and Understand SQL to pull the data for marketing
  • Grasp Database fundamentals
  • Understanding of how data is structures and stored in databases
  • Master common SQL commands used by Marketing analysts
  • Import data into MySQL from CSV and Excel files
  • Export data from MySQL into Excel files
  • Connect MySQL with Tableau for data visualization
  • Use Databases and SQL with confidence
  • Learn some common uses cases for Marketing, Web and Digital Analytics
Number of Lectures: 22
Total Duration: 01:32:56
  • Introduction  

    Marketers and Marketing Analysts generally rely on others to run SQL queries and get data. By learning SQL you will be doing a huge help to yourself so that you are not waiting on IT. This will also allow you to understand what data is available. This course is designed for Marketers by a Marketer. I won't do a lot of technical speak, just enough for you to understand. In addition to learning SQL, you will learn how you can apply it your marketing USE CASES. If your use case is not covered, I will be happy to add it.

Installation and Overview of SQL Environment (MySQL)
  • Installing mySQL  

    This lecture will show you where to download MySQL. We will be using MySQL in this course. Anything that is taught in this course is applicable to other database such as MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.

  • My SQL Interface  

    This lecture will walk you through MySQL interface. This is where you will practice your SQL queries.

Database Fundamentals
  • How databases are structured  

    Learn about various elements of a database and learn what does relational database means. 

  • Understanding a schema in MySQL  

    Before you can write SQL it is critical to understand what all is in the database. This lecture will help you with it.

Selecting the Data
  • Write your first statement to select the data  

    SELECT is the statement that you will end up using majority of the time. Learn how to write a SELECT statement to find the data that you are looking for.

  • Narrowing down your result set with WHERE clause  

    Learn how to use WHERE clause to narrow down your data. Learn the usage of AND and OR operators to narrow down your result set.

  • Sorting your result set  

    This lecture will show you how to sort the result set to give you the order that you need.

  • Using Numeric and Date Values to narrow down your result set  

    You will learn how to use numeric and date values to narrow down your result set along with string values to get exactly the result set that you need. You will learn about =, >,<, >=, <= and between clauses.

  • Distinct Statement  
Other Key SQL Statements
  • Adding new records to the database  

    This lecture shows you how to add new data to your database using SQL.

  • Updating exiting records  

    Marketing database are full of erroneous data. This lecture will teach you how to fix the data issues when you find them.

  • Deleting records  

    Sometimes you have to delete some records. This lecture will show you how to do it.

Some advanced Select Statements
  • Aggregating the data to do sum and count  

    Counting and summing are two common functions that Marketers need to do to identify their targets. Learn the syntax in this lecture.

  • Joining multiple tables to get desired result set  

    You will learn how to join multiple tables and use of table alias.

Marketing Use Cases
  • Who are the top or bottom customers?  

    This is one of the top questions that marketers need to figure out? They want to know which customers are paying us the most money. Learn how to do this via SQL. You will also learn a new SQL syntax to find out TOP records.

  • How many products do we have in each category?  
Using data from the database in other programs
  • Connecting with Data Visualization Tool (Tableau)  

    You will learn how to connect MySQL directly to a data visualization tool (Tableau).

Database Manipulation
  • Creating a table  

    This lecture shows you how to create a new table in your database.

  • Few more table manipulation commands  

    Learn following advanced table manipulation commends

    1. How to get a list of columns and column information of a table
    2. Change the name of a table
    3. Delete all the data from a table
    4. Delete a table
  • Importing data from a CSV file - Example uses Affiliate data  

    Many times the 3rd part data such as email marketing, affiliate programs, display ads, customer information etc. is available in a csv file (comma separated values file) that needs to be combined with other data to analyze marketing performance.  This lecture will show you how to import that data into the database so that you can get a complete view to get the insights that you need. I am using an affiliate csv file as an example.

  • Importing data from Excel to mySQL  

    Learn how to import Excel sheet data into mySQL database (or as some might call it Export Excel data into mySQL).  

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