Course: Quality Assurance (QA) Class

Quality Assurance (QA) Class

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About this Course

This course involves introduction on QA like various types of testing (1 and 2 video)

We will have one detail analysis of functional Testing (2 Video)

In the third class we will discuss on a Test Management tool like Rally (3 and 4 video). I will be more than happy to give access to Rally Tool to practice but remember to avoid misuse of the rally it's only by request and I have right to revoke the credentials provided if any misuse of the rally is found.

In the fifth Video we will be discussing various types of documents.

In the sixth videos we have various methodologies such as SDLC, STLC methodology and Bug Life Cycle

Seventh Video we will be discussing about Agile Methodology

If you have missed something and want to have quick review then this is revision. Trust me this will be very fast. Because you should have done all this in previous videos. (Eighth Video)

Ninth Video covers about QTP. If you want to learn about QTP then this is the chance but this is very basic I am not going anything in programming, not any coding. It's just an introduction and beginning for QTP Tester.

Tenth Video is about Load runner, this is a non-functional Testing and it's an introduction and not in detail.

Basic knowledge
  • Anyone who is interested to learn how to do Manual Testing and working with developers to resolve issues
What you will learn
  • Quality Assurance, Rally Software (Test Management Tool)
Number of Lectures: 10
Total Duration: 09:59:42
Introduction on QA Class
  • Introduction (Various Types of Testing)  

    (1st Class)

    01) Black box testing

    02) White box testing

    03) Unit testing

    04) Incremental integration testing

    05) Integration testing

    06) Functional testing

    07) System testing

    08) End-to-end testing

    09) Sanity testing

    10) Regression testing

Functional Testing
  • Functional Testing on Web Applications  

    (2nd Class)

    11) Acceptance testing

    12) Load testing

    13) Stress testing

    14) Performance testing

    15) Usability testing

    16) Install/uninstall testing

    17) Recovery testing

    18) Security testing

    19) Compatibility testing

    20) Comparison testing

    21) Alpha testing

    22) Beta testing

Rally Tool (part-I)
  • Introduction on Rally Tool (Part-I)  

    Rally Tool 


    1) User Stories 

    2) Test Cases creation 

    3) Test Case Execution 

Rally Tool (Part-II)
  • Introduction on Rally Tool (Part-II)  

    4) Defects creation

    5) Reports generation 

  • Documentation Engineering  

    Documentation Engineering

    1) Business Requirement Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Document (FRD), System Requirement Specifications (SRS), PDM (Physical Data Model), HLD (High Level Design), TDD (Technical Design Documents), STM (Source to Target Mapping Document)

    2) Test Plan

    3) Test Strategy

    4) Test Cases

    5) Migration Document

    Software Life Cycle (SDLC)

    i) Requirements

    ii) Design

    iii) Development

    iv) Testing

    v) Deployment

    vi) Support

    Software Testing Life Cycle

    i) Test Planning

    ii) Test Analysis

    ii) Test Design

    iii) Construction and verification

    iv) Testing Cycles

    v) Final Testing and Implementation

    vi) Post Implementation

    Bug Life Cycle

    i) Line Summary

    ii) Complete description

    iii) Steps to perform

    iv) Reproducible Y/N

    v) Version

    vi) What Operating System

Waterfall Methodology
  • Introduction to Waterfall Methodology  

    Introduction to Waterfall Methodology

Agile Methodology
  • Introduction to Agile Methodology  

    Introduction to Agile Methodology

QA Revision
  • QA Revision  

    HP ALM Introduction

    Major modules in HP ALM are

    1) Requirements

    2) Test Plan

    3) Test Lab

    4) Defects

Introduction to QTP
  • Introduction to QTP  

    Introduction to QTP

Introduction to Loadrunner
  • Introduction to Loadrunner  

    Introduction to Loadrunner

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