Course: Basic Music Theory for Music production

Basic Music Theory for Music production

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About this Course

Basic Music Theory for Music production is way to speak the language musicians speak.

You will no longer be left out of the conversation when the drummer is talking to the guitar player about a song.

You will not only be able to jump in but you will be able to tell other musicians exactly what you want. You will even

be able to write it down and give it to who ever speaks the language of music.

Basic knowledge
  • You really don't need any knowledge of music
  • This course will show you the apples and oranges of how to read and write
  • basic sentences in music
What you will learn
  • What a musical bar is and looks like
  • What Beats Per minute is (BPM)
  • Tempo
  • The Quarter note and Quarter rest
  • The 8th note and 8th rest
  • The 16 note and 16th rest
  • Drum lesson how to use the notes you've learned
  • Major Scale and Minor scale
  • Major chord and Minor chords
  • Chordal progression and their uses
Number of Lectures: 5
Total Duration: 00:33:39
Basic fundamentals of reading music
  • The Quarter note  

    We break down the musical bar here. It starts as a whole just like a whole Dollar. A dollar can be broken down into four quarter just like a bar can be broken down into four quarter notes.

  • The 8th note  

    The 8th note is what happens when you break the quarters in half. This is shown best with a cookie as you will see.

  • The 16th Note  

    Taking the 8th note and breaking that down into the 16th is very useful in popular music

  • Scales & Chords  

    scales are what make chords. Knowing chord basics will help you really be creative with your original music.

  • Intervals  

    These are all the intervals used in chords. Knowledge of these will help you build your chords even further.

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