Course: Edit Like a Pro! - 2 - Beckett Bridge Sunset

Edit Like a Pro! - 2 - Beckett Bridge Sunset

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About this Course

This class takes you through an easy to follow, structured set of editing steps to turn a typical sunset photo into an image of professional quality.

We edit the shot adjusting exposure, apply some quite complex adjustments to the bridge to brighten it up against the background and use radial filters to bring out specific areas of the shot which need localised brightening.

Although I use Adobe Lightroom, the techniques can be applied using any photo editing application, and I've split out each different technique into separate sections so they can be watched and applied more easily. Why not watch the class with your own photo open in your own editing application and follow along, applying the techniques I show to your own image? It's really easy - go on - have a go!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn to improve their photos using professional (but easy!) editing and post-processing
Basic knowledge
  • How to take a sunset photo
  • Be able to use a PC (Windows or Mac) to open up post-processing software and load up your photo into it
  • Have a sunset shot open in Lightroom or other post-processing application
What you will learn
  • Edit photos out of their camera and turn them into professional quality images!
  • Control exposure settings during post-processing to bring out the best from sunset shots
  • Use Lightroom to make detailed and complex selections using the adjustment brush
  • Apply radial filters to enhance localised areas of an image to bring out detail and add interest
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 00:51:14
Let's get started
  • Titles and promo  
  • Edit Like a Pro promo  
  • introduction to our image  
Initial Processing - Assessing the image
  • Reading the Histogram  
  • Creating the HDR merge  
  • Sorting your images in Grid view  
  • Using Survey mode (N) to compare images  
  • Keywording our new image  
Main Edits
  • Editing - the Basic tab  
  • Editing - the Transform tab  
  • Editing - Sharpening  
  • Edit - Radial filters  
  • Editing - Adjustment brush  
Thanks for Watching!
  • Editing - Final tweaks  
  • Thanks for watching!  
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