Trust and Safety at Simpliv


At Simpliv, we believe that it is our primary responsibility to provide you a system that deserves your trust. We do this by proactively checking and screening for any potential problems, safeguarding your interests and by investigating any issue that is brought to us to make sure that you have a hassle-free and convenient experience with Simpliv.

Simpliv allows the access to the transformational content every single day to many users. We have been able to achieve this by the dedication and hard work of the passionate individuals which form the Simpliv’s teaching and learning community.

We work with our core values of keeping the trust at the center while sharing the knowledge. Our objective is to work towards providing you a completely safe and trusted platform where we work in an open and honest way with one another. We allow the global learners to evaluate their technical abilities by aligning the learning to key business objectives in order to fill the skills gaps that exist in the various business areas including IT, Marketing, Business Development, and much more.

The Simpliv community includes-

  • Participants or the Students joining the Simpliv to have an engaging learning experience with an uninterrupted access to a huge variety of topics from experts who practice these skills on a daily basis.
  • Instructors or Authors with an excellent opportunity to impact millions of students across the world, and for access to the tools, platform, and coaching that enables them to create high-quality online courses.

Safety measures to protect your privacy

At Simpliv, we take every measure to maintain the trust you have put in us by safeguarding your privacy and making it a smooth experience for you. The sensitive information such as credit card and bank account details shared with us are properly encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. The same can be verified by checking the bottom of the web browser for a closed lock icon or "https" at the starting of the web page address while accessing our website.

At Simpliv, we take complete precautions to protect your data and information. We take all the measure to protect any sensitive information submitted via our website both online and offline.

Along with the online data protection using encryption, we also protect your information offline completely. We maintain a safe and secure environment for protecting your data by keeping the information in safe computers/servers. The personally identifiable information of our customers can only be accessed by the employees of the company such as billing or customer service executives.

Constant Support and assistance 24*7

To make it convenient for the customers, we provide 24*7 constant support and assistance to our customers. Users can get the desired help from our customer support team anytime, from anywhere.

Conflict assistance

Although we ensure that there are no such situations. However, in the event they do occur, Simpliv takes all the responsibility to help with the dispute resolution.

The Rules to use Simpliv

  • Avoid spamming: We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and engaging learning experience to all the participants and provide a unique platform to the instructors for sharing their knowledge. We request learners and instructors to not spam the platform for promoting other products, sending requests etc
  • Ensure professionalism: We would like to make sure that the entire community of learners and instructors maintain thorough professionalism by being respectful, honest, and considerate with each other.
  • Be respectful: Simpliv strongly believes in constantly improving the systems by making it a hassle-free experience for everyone. If there is anything you see or experience which seems like a violation, or there is any confusion about the policy, implementation etc, and reach out to us immediately by writing us at We are committed to taking feedback positively, reviewing every report, answering all your questions, and take appropriate actions.

What happens in the case of violation or breach of trust?

Although all our students and instructors are responsible members of the community, however, in case of any violation of the policy, we follow a strict protocol as discussed below-

  • For the first time case of a violation, there will be a warning and the resources given to the violator to help you better understand our policies and learn how to work successfully on the Simpliv platform.
  • In the case of repeated violations, there will be more severe consequences in the form of a tracking mechanism. Each time the policy is violated the same is recorded in our system, and anyone who repeatedly violates policies will eventually be removed from the Simpliv platform.

Furthermore, Simpliv reserve the right to escalate the case based on the severity of the violation. Our team will re-evaluate every violation case from time-to-time and the further action will be taken accordingly.