Course: I Will Teach How to Have a Great Voice & A Powerful Presence

I Will Teach How to Have a Great Voice & A Powerful Presence

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About this Course

This is a course for people who want to make their mark and know that having a great voice and personal presence is very important to life, career, business, and leadership success. I have often been called The Voice in my church, my friendship circles, and among professional clients and colleagues

The fact that I have been a trained, practiced, and hopefully polished professional after yers of teaching, international broadcasting, public speaking and doing numerous gigs as a professional voice over and presentation artist.

In this course I begin to teach you how to be "the voice" in your own circle of friends and influence.

Please join me,

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • if you want to stop being ordinary and start having a voice and presence that gets you noticed and appreciated, and heightens your influence and impact you should take this course and even better take it with a friend
  • If you are one of those 'dear souls" with only good intentions and think that you can just take the course and do no practicing and performing and working hard... then this is not for you! You have to really want this and be one of the great souls who want to change your voice, your life, and your destiny
Basic knowledge
  • If you have a smartphone, iPhone, or portable tablet it will be mush easier for you to practice the assignments and there will be assignments
What you will learn
  • Challenged to know that your voice is very important, that it matters, and you need to make it the best you can to gain the success you seek
  • Find out how to get very serious about improving and making your voice powerful and attractive
  • Be given actual things to do to start improving your voice and making you more powerful.
  • Start a program and find mentor to help you create a voice that makes you noticeable and eventually makes you more money
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:25:28
The Beginning of Changing Your Life by changing Your Voi8ce
  • Welcome and Here is How We Can begin to Change Our Voice and Life  

    Here you go and this is how we begin to learn what it takes to chaange our voice, our life and make our marek in the world and in the global marketplace.

Now WE Get The Message and the Methods to Improve Your Voice
  • Now we learn about getting our mind ready to improve what comes out of our mouth  

    Richard Branson tells us a great truth about success and what you must do and here we add to that and suggest that you notice and get serious about the power of the voice and your voice capability and potential.

  • You are the owner of your own radio and TV station, now lets get the voice!  

    The world has profoundly changed and you must have a good to great voice to use the new modern media to build your career, grow a business, and make your mark in the marketplace. here i teach you how to do your portable broadcaster with power an dinfluence.

  • Be the voice of a leader and your voice is not just about your mouth; your body  
  • All good radio and TV shows take an intermission...and a note of wisdom, I hope!  

    That's right, listen to the story of why an intermission, and why all your courses and shows must be like radio and TV and the difference between a word for the and a word for the mouth!

  • Now that we know what to do and why, lets start to change our voice into power!  
  • More great stuff to know to improve and build a powerful voice and presence  

    We just keep learning more steps, indeed principles, practices, and performances that you need to know an do to make that voice change!

  • Now we take our voice and make it part of the power of our personal presence  

    You cannot be invisible today... you must stand out... you must be remarkable ... people need to notice your personal power, poise, and presence! This gets you started.

Now We have The Final Word of Advice and an Important Request
  • It's time to change and a time to teach what you want to change ... Let's do it  

    All the best and blessings and you can always reach out to me at

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