Course: Use Your Voice As a Money-Making Machine

Use Your Voice As a Money-Making Machine

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About this Course

We all have a voice - but can we all narrate Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are all the rage nowadays.

Find out what it takes to get into the voice-over business, including how to set up your own studio, what

equipment you need, the software, the hardware, and the finer details of narration; how to record, edit, master your recording, and how to upload in various file formats. Best of all, how do you make money with your voice - whether you want some mad money or make voice-over a career.

Basic knowledge
  • The student should have a familiarity with computers, and be comfortable downloading software and manipulating it according to instructions
  • The student must have a love of, and ability to read aloud fluently. You do not need to be an actor! 
What you will learn
  • What is voice-over?
  • Where/how is it used?
  • Who is the ideal candidate for voice-over?
  • How much does it cost to get started?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • Can I understand the software? Is it hard to learn? (NO!)
  • How do I submit files?
  • How much money can I make?
  • Do I have what I takes?
Number of Lectures: 13
Total Duration: 00:51:48
Introduction and Overview
  • A Booming Industry  

    Audiobooks are a booming industry. The trend is toward more of the same. Can you participate in this mammoth enterprise?

Equipment and Software
  • Equipment and Software  

    What do you need to get started?

The ACX Portal
  • The ACX Portal  

    ACX is an Amazon company, and stands for Audio Creation Exchange. It is through this portal that you can find books to narrate, upload your own authored books, receive payment, and launch your career. ACX is one of many Audiobook platforms, but in this course, I cover ACX. The requirements are fairly constant throughout the industry.

  • Uploading Samples to ACX  

    If you want to establish yourself as an Audiobook narrator, it is helpful to upload some samples of your work to show off your style in various genres. This video walks you through the steps.

The Recording Software
  • Audacity  

    Audacity is a free audio recording software that is extremely powerful and perfect for the novice and experienced narrator alike.

  • Audacity Plug-Ins  

    Some useful plug-ins.

  • Enabling the Plug-Ins  

    You've downloaded them, now what?

  • More on Audacity  
ACX Submission Requirements
Editing Your Recordings
  • ...if Limiter is Greater than 10  

    Don't panic - the "Limiter" is one of the effects we cover in the video on editing.

  • ...if Limiter is Less than 10  

    Don't panic - the "Limiter" is one of the effects we cover in this video.

Rendering the Recording
  • Converting the Recording to Correct Format  

    The edited recording must be converted to a format that ACX will accept. The video will walk you through the steps.

Submitting Auditions at ACX
  • The First 15 Minutes  

    You have auditioned for several books, and finally have an offer to record. You now must produce the first 15 minutes in a "clean" recording for the author's approval.

Let's Talk Money!
After All Is Said and Done ...
  • Do You Have the Talent?  

    It may be a brazen question, but it does require some self-analysis: Do you have what it takes? Can you put emotion into your reading? Can you distinguish between a business text and romantic poetry?

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