Course: Basic HTML5 & CSS3 for beginners (Build One Project)

Basic HTML5 & CSS3 for beginners (Build One Project)

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About this Course

This course is designed to help beginners to learn the basics of HTML & CSS.

No prior knowledge of HTML & CSS required. You will learn all that from scratch. 

In this course, about HTML you will learn:

  • The definition of HTML and why it's a must learn.
  • How a HTML document works (structure).
  • About HTML Block Level & Inline Elements, such as:
  • Headings (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>)
  • Formatting (<em>, <i>, <strong>, <b>, <u>, <mark>, <sup>, <sub>)
  • Forms (Form Elements - <input>, <select>, <option>, <textarea> | Input Types - button, checkbox, color, date, datetime-local, email, file, hidden , image, month, number, password, radio, range, reset | Buttons)
  • More HTML Elements (<p>, <div>, <span>, <a>, <im>, <table>, <thead>, <tbody>, <tr>, <th>, <td>, <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <br>, <hr> <!-- -->)

About CSS, you will learn the definition of it and what is the purpose of using it. You then, will learn how the CSS structure parts work, such as:

  • Ruleset (or rule)
  • Selector
  • Declaration Block
  • Property
  • Property Value

To put everything you've learned into practice, you'll build a project called Lander (static landing page). You'll learn how to setup the project structure. This includes:

  • How to organize the HTML, CSS & Image files into folders
  • How to create the HTML Document
  • How to create the header, main content, after content, and footer.
  • How to style all sections using: background colors, text colors, fonts, background images & elements positioning.

By the end of this course, you will have a complete knowledge and the required skills you need to be able to start your programming career that you've always wished for.

Basic knowledge
  • The ability to download and install a free code editor
  • The usage of Google browser or any other similar web browser
  • Basic computer skills
What you will learn
  • Build beautiful world-class and high-performance web design or websites that will grab the attention of anybody
  • Understand the concepts behind HMTL5 & CSS3
  • Understand and write HMTL5 & CSS3 code
Number of Lectures: 49
Total Duration: 04:26:54
Getting Started
  • Introduction  
  • Requirements  
  • Understanding HTML  
  • HTML Document Explanation  
Learning HTML Basics
  • HTML Headings  
  • HTML Paragraph, Line Break & Thematic Break  
  • HTML Formatting - Emphasis & Italic  
  • HTML Formatting - Strong & Bold  
  • HTML Formatting - Underline & Mark  
  • HTML Formatting - Superscript & Subscript  
  • HTML Comment  
  • HTML Anchor  
  • HTML Image  
  • HTML Table  
  • HTML Lists  
  • HTML Block Level & Inline Element  
  • HTML Form  
  • HTML Form Elements - Part 1  
  • HTML Form Elements - Part 2  
  • HTML Form Elements - Part 3  
  • HTML Form Elements - Part 4  
Learning CSS Basics
  • Understanding CSS  
  • CSS Ruleset  
  • CSS Applicable Methods Explanation  
  • CSS Applicable Methods Practice  
  • CSS Selectors  
  • CSS Display  
  • CSS Length Units  
  • CSS Width & Height  
  • CSS Margin & Padding - Part 1  
  • CSS Margin & Padding - Part 2  
  • CSS Border  
  • CSS Float  
  • CSS Font Family  
  • CSS Font Size  
  • CSS Font Style  
  • CSS Font Weight  
  • CSS Colors  
  • CSS Text Align  
  • Basic HTML & CSS Quiz  
Building Lander (Project)
  • Project Structure Setup  
  • HTML Structure  
  • Lander - Building Header  
  • Lander - Styling Header  
  • Lander - Building Main Content  
  • Lander - Styling Main Content  
  • Lander - Building After Content  
  • Lander - Styling After Content  
  • Lander - Building Footer  
  • Lander - Styling Footer  
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