Course: Complete Bubble Developer Course: Build Apps Without Coding

Complete Bubble Developer Course: Build Apps Without Coding

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Welcome to the "Complete Bubble Developer Course" where you will learn how to build fully functional apps without coding. Do you have an idea for an app? But you're not a software developer, and you don't know how to code? Until now, there was only two ways you can build an app:

  • Learn how to code - which has a steep learning curve and is very time consuming for non-technical people
  • Hire a developer to build your app for you - however, development and on going maintenance costs are very expensive

I had the same problem as you until I discovered this incredible tool called Bubble. Bubble is a revolutionary visual programming platform that enables people with absolutely no technical background to build complete web or mobile applications without code using drag and drop and workflows.

In this course you will learn:

  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Payment gateways
  • Social media sign in
  • Databases structuring
  • Create, read, update and delete data
  • Workflow logic
  • Conditionals
  • Custom states
  • Data constraints
  • Linking data objects
  • Nested search
  • Paths and navigation
  • Parameters
  • User inputs
  • Auto-binding
  • API calls and integration
  • API Keys and authentication
  • User testing
  • Debugging
  • Privacy settings
  • Accessing user location
  • Optimizing performance
  • Responsive screen settings
  • Deploying your app to the world
  • And more!

If you don't know what any of those words mean, don't worry we start right from the beginning. In this course, we get hands-on and build several applications from scratch. Plus as our main project, we will be building a clone of the Tinder dating app explaining every detail and step while building the app.

I am a qualified Industrial and Systems Engineer, experienced Bubble developer and Udemy instructor since 2015. I've incorporated everything I've learned in my years of engineering and teaching to make this course not only more effective but more engaging. The course includes:

  • Over 100 Lectures and 10 hours of on-demand video content.
  • 11 Interactive assignments.
  • 4 Projects.
  • 5 Quizzes.
  • 1 E-book.
  • 17 Articles.
  • And the best part… Templates!

As a bonus, I will give you the templates of all the apps we build completely free including the Tinder clone app. All the templates combined are valued at over $1000. You can use these templates and modify them to build your own unique applications.

By the end of this course, not only will you be able to build your own fully functional apps but you will be able to start that online business you've always wanted. 

Basic knowledge
  • No previous coding or development knowledge required
  • A registered free hobby account with
  • An open mind and the willingness to learn
What you will learn
  • Build fully functional web and mobile apps without coding completely on your own
  • Create beautiful user interfaces with an amazing user experience
  • Deploy your app to the world and launch your startup
  • Design elegant workflows, databases, APIs and a whole lot more
Number of Lectures: 102
Total Duration: 09:27:43
  • Why Bubble?  
  • Exploring Bubble  
  • Create A New App.  
  • Bubble Interface Run Through  

    Short clips on how to perform every bubble action:

  • How to Get the Most Out of This Course?  
Visual Design Elements
  • Visual Elements  
  • Visual Elements Quiz  

    This quiz tests your understanding of visual elements

  • Containers  
  • Containers Quiz  
  • Input Forms  
  • Input Forms Quiz  
  • Reusable Elements  
  • Reusable Elements Quiz  
Workflows and Data Types
  • Workflows Part 1  
  • Workflows Part 2  
  • Workflows Part 3  
  • Data Types  
Styles and Plugins
  • Styles  
  • Styles Quiz  
  • Plugins  
Settings and Logs
  • Settings Part 1  
  • Settings Part 2  
  • Logs  
Interactive Assignments
  • Introduction to the interactive tutorials  
  • Login with Facebook  

    Instead of typing an email and password, your users can sign up or login with one click using their Facebook account.

  • Using the chart element  

    We're going to learn how to use charts to display dynamic data.

  • Using External APIs  

    We're going to build an app for displaying a list of songs from iTunes. Users will type a word and we'll get songs from iTunes that match that word.

  • Defining a field as a list of things  

    List of things are an important concept. It can be a list of friends, items to buy, etc. We're going to build an app where users can create items to buy and we attach a list of these to the current user.

  • Using APIs and sending data to groups  

    We're going to build an app for displaying animated GIFs. Users will type a word and we'll get GIFs from Giphy that match that word.

  • Using Conditions  

    We're going to learn how to use conditionality on elements and workflows.

  • Sending data to pages  

    As soon as you're going to want to have more than one page in your app, you'll want to send data to pages. For instance, clicking on a profile picture should open the profile page of that person.

  • Building a slideshow  

    We're going to play with Bubble's design options and add a slideshow element to the page.

  • Saving and modifying data  

    We're going to build an app that enables users to enter city names and vote on them. All in real-time!

  • Building a sign up system  

    We're going to build an app where users can sign up, login and log out. What you need for any app with account features.

  • Saving Data  

    We're going to build an app for displaying a set of locations on a map. Users can enter addresses; they'll be saved in the database and displayed on the map in real time.

Tinder Clone Part 1: Building the Profile Page
  • Introduction to building the Tinder clone  
  • Getting the Most From This Course  
  • What you're going to build  
  • How to start a new app  
  • Creating a landing page  
  • Embed video into app  
  • Add sign up popup  
  • Setting up sign in with Facebook  
  • Create app header  
  • Change between pages  
  • Create user data fields  
  • Designing the profile front end  
  • Using input fields  
  • Using input fields part two  
  • Responsive settings  
  • Saving user inputs to database  
  • Calculating a users age  
  • Alert messages and initial contents  
  • Autobinding  
  • Custom states with reusable elements  
  • Constraint settings  
  • Log out button  
  • Custom states assignment  
Tinder Clone Part 2: Building the Home Page
  • Tinder pile plugin  
  • Create your own tinder pile  
  • Add data to database  
  • Matching two users who like each other  
  • How to use popups  
  • Workflows on popups  
  • Troubleshooting workflow actions  
  • Displaying data in a repeating group  
Tinder Clone Part 3: Building the Messenger Page
  • Repeating group options  
  • Adding conditionals  
  • Linking data types  
  • Create a new chat  
  • Sending parameters to a page  
  • Using icons  
  • Repeating group scroll to entry  
  • User interface design of messenger  
  • Accessing data using parametersaa  
  • Testing communication between users  
  • Input vs multi-line input  
  • Detecting read messages  
  • Message notifications  
  • User testing  
  • Notification in header  
  • Send message button  
  • Testing the send message button  
  • Navigate to previous page  
  • Allowing location with browser  
  • Deploying to the world  
What are APIs?
  • Introduction to APIs  
  • An Introduction to APIs - ebook  
  • API Connector  
  • What each input of the API Connector actually means  
API Example 1: Degrees to Radians Converter
  • Understanding API documentation  
  • API methods  
  • Using JSON Objects  
  • Building a degrees to radians converter  
  • Using API calls in workflows  
  • Monetize your app with ads  
API Example 2: Spy on peoples details using only their email address
  • FullContact API  
  • What we are going to build  
  • Getting the API Key  
  • Authentication  
  • Parameters  
  • Get data from API in workflows  
  • Displaying data and debugging  
  • Testing results  
  • Stock details assignment instructions  
  • Stock details assignment solution  
  • Final thoughts  
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