Course: Develop CHATBOT with Microsoft Azure 2019

Develop CHATBOT with Microsoft Azure 2019

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About this Course

In this course we will learn different bot services which are being offered by Microsoft Azure. First of all we will learn basic concept related to bot like why we need it and how it is useful in business.

Then we will create simple chatbot, then after it we will embed chatbot into html website

After it we will create chatbot for Facebook page which will create good customer engagement and provide better 24/7 services to customers

Then learn how to crawl from different sources like FAQ links , documentation, product manual etc to create FAQ bot or you can called it as QnA chatbot. Then at last we will going to deploy Luis app. Luis stands for language understanding.

Once you complete this course, you will able to develop different kind of bot services provided by Microsoft azure

Basic knowledge
  • You should have a Facebook business page and You should have Microsoft Azure account
What you will learn
  • Create Facebook Messenger Chatbots, Understand intents, Entities and Utterance, Create FAQ into bots
  • Learn how to crawl semi structured data like FAQ links, documentation, Run Chatbot locally using Microsoft Bot Emulator. Create webchat for html website, Develop LUIS(Language Understanding) bot
Number of Lectures: 19
Total Duration: 01:36:09
Welcome to Microsoft Azure Bot Services Learning
  • Overview  
  • Introduction  
Let's starts with by creating simple chatbot
  • Simple Bot: Test in Web chat  
WebChat bot
  • WebChat bot :Get Embeded Code  
  • WebChat bot : Deploy chatbot  
Facebook Chatbot
  • Facebook Chatbot : Create Facebook App for FB Business page  
  • Facebook Chatbot : Gather Credentials  
  • Facebook Chatbot : Connect bot services with Facebook App  
  • Facebook Chatbot : Deploy  
  • Facebook Chatbot : Deleting resources  
QnA Chatbot
  • QnA : Introduction  
  • QnA : Creating QnA Maker services  
  • QnA : Knowledge Base  
  • QnA : Deploy  
LUIS bot
  • LUIS : Introduction  
  • LUIS : Creating and testing LUIS app  
  • LUIS : Publish LUIS app  
  • LUIS : Adding some modification to LUIS app  
  • LUIS : Sentiment Analysis using LUIS App  
Reviews (2)
1 month before
Useful course for creative people. I could develop a chatbot integrating it with multiple platforms be it android, ios or windows.
2 weeks before
nice tutorial