Course: Docker for .Net Developers

Docker for .Net Developers

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About this Course

Docker—A mainstream programming containerization platform—can streamline the development procedure by accelerating the setup and design of environments.

In case you're a .NET developer who needs to utilize containers in your application environment, this course can help by exhibiting how to use Docker in your workflow.

In this course we will starts by discussing the job of Docker in the container world, and after that goes over fundamental ideas, including how to run a container from a Docker image.

Furthermore, how to use docker commands easily. This starts from fundamental Docker process, like how to include a Dockerfile to a Visual Studio project, and how to compose a Docker image from a Dockerfile. He wraps up the course by talking about how to work with the Docker Compose file format and then publishing the same on dockerhub cloud.

Basic knowledge
  • Dotnet developers
  • Software architects wanting to learn docker applied to dotnet projects
  • Developers, looking to learn containerization techniques
  • Developers, looking to learn how to build cross platform apps
  • Developers, looking to learn; how to dockerize any .NET Project
What you will learn
  • Containers Concept
  • Significance of Docker
  • Docker Vs Virtual Machines
  • Where Docker fits in
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Commands
  • Docker Containers
  • Docker File
  • Docker Compose
  • Multi Container Scenarios
  • Dockerhub
Number of Lectures: 23
Total Duration: 01:17:35
  • Welcome  

    This will be the general presentation session of entire course where you will get the look at all areas.

  • Who should take this course?  

    Here I will clarify why you should take this course! What are the advantages, what are the key take aways, and so forth.

  • Docker Installation Process  

    Here, I will clarify appropriate from the scratch installation procedure of docker and its tooling! Here, you will also understand vital docker settings to make the containers easily.

Containers Introduction
  • Why Containers?  

    Here, you will realize, why we ought to utilize container? What's the big deal about this?

  • VM vs Containers  

    Here, I will be comparing Virtual Machines and Containers. Here, you will get the thought why containers are more effective and simple to begin with for various situations.

  • Where Docker fits in?  

    Here you will comprehend correct situation where docker fits in? At the point when to utilize? And so on.

Docker Basics
  • Images and Containers  

    Here, you will take in these two fundamental key-words and comprehend their disparities.

  • Docker Image Command Basics  

    Here, you will take in these two essential key-words and understand. You will begin with docker picture and its fundamentals. You will also understand basic commands for creating docker images.

  • Docker Container Commands  

    Proceeding from the last segment, you will begin with containers and its commands.

  • Removing Containers  

    Here, you will understand, how to remove existing containers.

Docker File
  • Project Creation  

    In this area, you will make new dotnet project right from the scratch as a layout to be dockerized.

  • Creating Docker File  

    Here, you will make new docker file which will assist project with getting containerized.

  • Building the Docker File  

    Proceeding from the last area, here you will fabricate the docker file, which consequently making the containers.

  • Running the Container from the Docker File  

    In this section, we will see how to run the Container from the Docker File.

  • Running the Container  

    In this section, we will see how to run the project inside container.

Installing SQL Server
  • Installing SQL Server Linux Image  

    In this area, we will introduce SQL Server Linux Image to work with our next API project backed with SQL Database.

  • Connecting SQL Server Via Management Studio  

    At that point, we will test the as of late SQL container by means of SQL Server management studio.

  • Connecting SQL Server Via Command Line  

    Finally, we will test the equivalent through command line and make one sample db and one sample table for test from command line.

Docker Compose
  • Creating Sample API Project  

    Here, again we will make new DotNet project. However this time an API project upheld with database.

  • Creating the Docker File  

    Then, we will create a docker file for the project.

  • Creating the Docker Compose File  

    Afterwards, we will create another configuration file which is docker compose file for spinning up multiple containers.

  • Running the Docker Compose File  

    Continuing from the last section, here we will run the docker compose file and see the application in action.

  • Publishing to Docker Hub  

    Finally, we will be publishing our project to docker hub so that others can use the same.

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