Course: Getting Started with Express

Getting Started with Express

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About this Course

Learn the first steps to building a web server with the minimalistic Node.js framework Express.

This course is intended for people who have never touched the framework. A basic knowledge of Node.js / JavaScript is required. Some exposure to fundamental database principles is highly advised.

The course provides an quick overview of the framework and gets you started with building a JSON RESTful API with the four basic data operations of CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE ("CRUD"). To focus on the framework constructs, database configuration and maintenance is not covered in this course; no ORM is used nor any other third-party libraries other than express itself.

Basic knowledge
  • Must have fundamental knowledge of Node.js / JavaScript
  • Knowledge of basic database principles is highly advised
What you will learn
  • How to build a simple JSON RESTful api using the Express framework
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 01:33:06
Getting Started
  • Introduction (Bookstore)  
  • Generating the Project with NPM  
  • Setting Up and Running the Express Server  
Defining Routes to Obtain Information
  • Defining our First GET Route in Express  
  • Using Postman to Test the API  
  • Writing the Route to Get All Books  
  • Writing the GET Route to Get a Specific Book By Id  
Defining Routes to Generate and Update Information
  • Parsing Incoming Request Body in Express using Middleware  
  • Defining the POST Route to Create a Book  
  • Defining the PUT Route to Update a Book  
  • Defining the DELETE Route to Destroy a Book  
  • End of the Express Course Review  
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