Course: Learn ASP.NET Core Step By Step

Learn ASP.NET Core Step By Step

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About this Course

Are you a developer working on Dot Net framework?

Are you willing to learn new Dot Net Core framework with Ease?

Are you willing to upgrade you existing application to MVC 6?

If answer of above questions are yes then this course is for you.

In my 13 years of experience of working as a corporate trainer I have understood that what most developers are looking for when they want to learn any new technology, and that's why in my all of the courses i focus on two main things,

  • First : All my student learn with minimum investment of Time and Cost
  • Second : Whatever students learn they should be able to do same code after learning from online course with hands-on practice

This course of Dot Net Core will give you easy and straight to the point understanding of the latest Dot Net Core framework and I am sure all the students will love the journey they will go through.

Basic knowledge
  • Basics of C# programming language and Application development basics
  • Visual Studio 2017 with Dot Net Core 2.0 or higher is required
  • If you do not know C# basics and Never created OOP based applications then this Course is not for you
What you will learn
  • After learning this course students will be able to understand basics of Dot Net core Framework and they will be more comfortable with Asp Net Core development with step by step hands-on which we have shown in this
  • If you are familiar with Dot Net Framework and wants to upgrade to Asp Dot Net Core then this course if perfect for you
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 01:38:21
Introduction of the course
  • Understanding ASP Dot Net Core Framework  

    This lecture will explain what is ASP Dot Net Core Framework and What are the Advantages of it.

  • Tools and Software Required for this course  

    This lecture will explain tools which all the students need to install in order to do hands-on code for this course.

  • Getting started with Dot Net Core  

    In this video we are creating Simple Console application using Dot Net Core Framework.

Dealing with ASP Dot Net Core Web Application
  • Creating New Dot Net Core Application Using Visual studio 2017  

    In this Video we are creating new Web application using Visual Studio 2017 and then we are running it in browser.

  • Handling HTML page using Configure Method in Startup  

    In this Video we are adding new HTML page and trying to set that page as a start page of the application using Configure Method

  • Configuring MVC Structure in application  

    In this lecture we are going to create One Controller and going to Connect it with Index View.

  • Adding more Actions and Controlling Developer Exceptions for them.  

    This Lecture shows how can we handle multiple actions of the controller as well as how we can handle exception details when environment is set to development.

  • Configuring _Layout and _ViewStart for application  

    This Lecture will show you configuration for creating UI with multiple pages and Master Content Display with Common UI.

  • Dealing with ViewImports and Tag Helpers of MVC Core  

    In this Lecture We are configuring Views to Use Tag helpers and navigating between views using Tag Helpers.

Asp Net Core Middleware
  • Getting Familiar with Middleware using Code  
  • Understanding Request and Response Pipeline with Use and Run  
  • Creating Custom Middleware  
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