Course: The complete jQuery series with angular JS

The complete jQuery series with angular JS

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About this Course

Do you have expertise in javascript..? If you yes then you must learn the javascript library, yes I am talking about jQuery. Believe me, jQuery is your best friend because you can save a lot of time while working jquery. With jquery you can perform the form validation within few mints, you can also add the built-in animation because its a javascript library you don't need to create/design the login, jquery provides you with the built-in events, functions and much more. In simple words, if you are a web developer and you still don't know about jquery then its time to learn the jquery because your front-end is incomplete without jquery. jquery is very popular because 19,909,315 websites that are using JQuery, thousands of plugins available in jquery because of its popularity and easy to use.

For suppose if you are working on javascript and you want to change the HTML content then you definitely use the document.getElementById('YouridHere') to change or perform something but in jquery you can just this script to change the content or perform some action $('#YourIdHere') that's why I told you that jQuery is your best friend.

I start from very basic that what is jquery and how to use it, what are selectors and how many ways exist to select a particular HTML element, I will cover each and every event in jquery i.e click, hover. You will learn how to validate your and how to add animation to your HTML content. In simple words, we are going to cover each and everything in this series. I will also cover the AJAX that how can you fetch the data without page refresh, in simple word how can you retrieve the data from the server without page server.

And definitely I will cover the basic thing from angularJs, we will discuss MVC Desing patter. why its necessary and why use it. we will also discuss the form validation and much more.

Who is the target audience?

  • If you want to learn javaScript library
  • If you want to learn form validation
Basic knowledge
  • Browser
  • PC
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic knowledge of CS
What you will learn
  • Create Web Templates
  • Understand the concepts of jQuery and AngularJS
  • How to create selectors and how to call events in jQeury
  • How to use AJAX
  • What is the framework
Number of Lectures: 41
Total Duration: 04:38:12
  • introduction to jQuery and course requirements  
  • An Example with jQuery code  
  • Embedding the jQuery files in the project  
  • Document ready function  
  • Load function in jQuery  
  • Basic jQuery syntax  
  • Selectors  
  • Events in jQuery  
  • Click double click and hover with blue and focus events in jQuery  
  • On method/Event  
  • Hide,show and toggle events  
  • External scripting in jQuery  
  • fade events in jQuery  
  • Slide effects in jQuery  
  • Animation effects in jQuery  
  • jQuery stop event  
  • jQuery chaining  
  • How to change the current element property using this in jQuery  
  • CSS and submit method in jQuery  
  • Callback function  
  • Get the content and attribute  
  • Adding elements in jquery  
  • Remove and empty in jquery  
  • Add class and remove class in jquery  
  • jQuery traversing reference  
  • Find and children method in jquery  
  • Siblings in jquery  
  • Filtering in jquery  
  • Validating the Fields without the form  
  • Validating the form with actual form  
  • Scroll and Scroll top in jquery  
  • Select in jquery  
  • Append and prepend  
  • After and before and drop down list  
  • Width and height  
  • Div in center  
  • Days until event in jquery  
  • Introduction to php  
  • Loading file in jquery to fetch the values from php file  
  • Sending data from jquery to php  
  • Sending data from jquery to php using post method in jquery  
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