Course: TurboGears2 - A Webframework to Rule Them All

TurboGears2 - A Webframework to Rule Them All

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About this Course

I'm a pythonista geek in love with programming. In this course you will get to know the turbogears2 web framework. This web framework is used by fortune 500 companies to provide web services. The python fundations and the revolutionary approach to the web makes this framework a very precious one to know. Allow me to introduce you to this magical world. This course is an introductionary course that makes it easy for you to pick up the speed and develop your own webapps that serve a specific purpose in your job.

Basic knowledge
  • You need some basic python and web knowledge
What you will learn
  • You will learn how to create your own webapp
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:01:18
Setting the stage
Multiple page webapp
  • You can have multiple pages served by the same webapp  

    Turbogears allows you to create dynamic apps to present you with multiple pages.

Templates and their power
  • Kajiki templates and their use  

    Templating is a powerfull concept

Helpers and additional functionality.
  • Webhelpers on the powerlifting role  

    You can provide additional functionality with the webhelpers and other functions

Static files
  • Static files and their power  

    Make sure you get this critical part.

ORM DB in your webapp
  • Interacting with databases  

    The database interaction of the webapps comes naturally with this awesomne framework

  • A powerful concept  

    Adding extra functionality to turbogears with 0 effort

  • The function you allways wanted  
Every good thing comes to an end
  • The closure  

    Thanks for taking this course, hope you liked it. :)

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