Course: Web Development with Python Django -دليلك لتعلم جانجو

Web Development with Python Django -دليلك لتعلم جانجو

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  • Self-Paced
About this Course

أهلا بكم فى كورس تعلم البايثون بالعربية. في هذا الكورس سنقوم بتعلم لغه البايثون من البداية و حتي المستوي المتوسط حيث سنقوم بتعلم نمط البرمجه الخطية و الكائنية و اطار العمل جانجو

سيتم التطبيق فى الكورس باستخدام الاصدار بايثون3 

يعتبر الكورس مقدمة جيدة لك للابحار فى عالم البايثون لكى تتمكن من الابحار فى المكتبات المختلفة للغة البايثون

Welcome to the Python For Beginners In Arabic In this course we cover python language structured programming concepts and Object oriented concepts and Django Framework

we will Learn Programming Concepts using Python 3 Language. It will serve as a useful reference for you to begin your journey in becoming a Python developer!. and also we will learn Django Framework to start creating web project using it.

Enjoy learning!

Who this course is for:

  • اى شخص يريد البدء فى تعلم البايثون و برمجه المواقع من خلال اطار العمل جانجو anyone want to learn Python and Django Framework
Basic knowledge
  • HTML and CSS and JavaScript Basics
What you will learn
  • when you finish this course you will be able to use Python Structured and OOP concepts and Django Framework
  • ستتمكن من استخدام لغه البايثون و مبادئ البرمجه الكائنية و اطار العمل جانجو
Number of Lectures: 78
Total Duration: 11:01:07
Python Structured Programing
  • What and Why Python  
  • Python Installation  
  • Basic Syntax  
  • Variables  
  • User Inputs  
  • Operators  
  • Example  
  • Decision Making  
  • Example 2  
  • Loops  
  • Nested Loops  
  • Example 3  
  • Control Statements  
  • Numbers in Python  
  • String  
  • Lists  
  • Tuples  
  • Dictionary  
  • Date and Time  
  • Functions  
  • Function Arguments  
  • Variable Scope  
  • Modules and Packages  
  • Files I/O  
  • Exception Handling  
  • Raising an Exception  
  • Assertion Errors  
Python Object Oriented Concepts
  • Introduction to OOP  
  • Class and Objects  
  • Class Variables  
  • Encapsulation And Accessing Attributes  
  • Built-In Class Attributes  
  • Destroying Objects (Garbage Collection)  
  • Data Hiding  
  • Overloading Operators  
  • Inheritance  
  • Overriding Methods  
  • Polymorphism  
  • Example - Part 1  
  • Example - Part 2  
Django Framework
  • What and Why Django?  
  • Installation  
  • Create Our First Project  
  • Create Our First Application  
  • Project Settings  
  • Creating Views  
  • URLs Mapping  
  • Django Apps  
  • Django Template Language (DTL)  
  • Models  
  • Create and Migrate Model  
  • Models CRUD Data Manipulating  
  • Django Administration Area  
  • Display Data From Database to Pages  
  • Pass Value to View to Get Single DB Record  
  • Get Data From Forms (forms.modelform)  
  • Get Data From Forms (forms.form)  
  • Image Upload  
  • Static Files  
  • Django Bootstrap  
  • Redirects  
  • Form Validation Part 1  
  • Form Validation Part 2  
  • Form Validation Part 3  
  • Sending Email  
  • Template Filters  
  • User Authentication - part 1  
  • User Authentication - part 2  
  • User Authentication - part 3  
  • User Authentication - part 4  
  • User Authentication - part 5  
  • User Authentication - part 6  
  • Class Based View part 1  
  • Class Based View (template View)  
  • Class Based View (list View)  
  • Class Based View (detail View)  
  • Class Based View (create View)  
  • Class Based View (Update, delete View)  
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