Course: WordPress, Magento, Joomla & Drupal Websites Design and Development Course 2018

WordPress, Magento, Joomla & Drupal Websites Design and Development Course 2018

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

      Have you been trying to build a website for yourself or for clients? Have you got an idea on the next big deal in ICT and you don't even know how to start?

      Have you ever longed to work from home, render services from the comfort of your home and get paid worldwide? Do you have passion for the Web?

      Are you looking for a job and desire more relevance in the job market with special skills so that no employer can tell you 'No'?

--------> Then, here's the genuine opportunity before you to land on the world of unlimited possibilities with Web Development


  • Imagine being able to build any kind of website you can imagine
  • Imagine being able to render these services to clients worldwide and make up to $5,000 monthly
  • Imagine being able to bring your long nursed idea into reality



A Step-By-Step Video Tutorials that will teach you how to build any kind of website you can imagine using the four Major CMS, namely: WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal


  • Any kind of E-Commerce Platform you can imagine, even up to massive ones like the Amazon and Ebay.
  • Any kind of blog or news website you can think of like CNN Website.
  • Any kind of forum or community platform you can think of, like Digital Point, Warriors Forum, etc.
  • Any kind of business or servicing website you can think of, you can build such for yourself or for clients and make good money
  • Any kind of social media platform you can think of, like Facebook
  • Any kind of church website you can think of with different features
  • Any kind medical, health or fitness website you can think of with different features
  • In fact, any kind of website you can think of


Also, in this course, you will also be shown how you can set up a Bulk Mailing Platform in your website and send unlimited mails to your prospects. Such Bulk Mailing Platform with Autoresponders like Getresponse or Aweber that you pay huge amount for. You can import and export mail lists. Do you have millions of emails, but you don't know how to reach them? Then, this will help you. This is what most gurus use to send bulk mails to you. Nobody will ever tell you this, but you're getting this for free in this course.

This course also reveals to you a hosting company that will give you a 30-day free trial without paying anything and without asking for your credit card details. Can you find such anywhere? Well, you're discovering that in this course

In this course, you'll also learn how to host websites beyond cpanel. You're also taught how you can also host your website using another Control Panel. With this, no hacker will know where your website is hosted, and so won't be able to hack into your website.

This Course is a Revolutionary

This Course is a Revolutionary. This is not wix or any other website builder you know. It shows you the basics of website building using Content Management Systems (CMS), like WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal from Beginner to Expert. Build by yourself and host by yourself your own choice server.

It's not possible for you to take this course and not able to make impact with it, because the teacher has taken her time to pour out her heart for you. One of the students who purchased this course at the pre-launch phase was able to build a massive E-Commerce Platform for a client, even while he was still watching the videos. This was a job he returned because he couldn't deliver, although he had some knowledge in web development. But, while taking this course, he hadn't even gone far in watching the videos before he understood web development and how to build websites properly. And so, he quickly ran back and picked up the job, and delivered it with great excitement and without stress.

...........You're not alone.........

As you take this course, you're not alone, we're right by your side in case you encounter errors. So, don't be scared, if you encounter any error or hitches in your journey, we're just right by you to show you the way out. And you have the opportunity to interact with your fellow students. You can brainstorm, ask one another questions, answer one another questions, discus ideas, network, etc


If I were you, I will learn a skill now, especially Web Design/Development Skill that will boost me in job market.

  • If you don't know, employers are now looking for what else you can do apart from your certificate. Everybody has a certificate, the only thing that makes you outstanding is what else you have to offer. And with your Web Development and digital marketing skills, no employer can tell you no. Personally, I get a lot of job offers everyday from employers, but I turn them down because I have no time. I'm already too busy doing personal and clients projects

This course is for everyone, irrespective of your current knowledge

  • Whether you're a beginner, having little or no knowledge in Website Design/Development or you've been into Web Development before but you're not really sure of what you're doing, this Course will take you by the hand Step-by-Step from Beginner to Expert. So, you can decide to stop at the beginner level and build a simple website for yourself or go advance to become a highly sought after pro. It's up to you

Some people even paid for this course even before it was ready

  • In fact, someone who saw me in the Studio recording this Course and seeing the great information I was dishing out couldn't help but booked for the course. He didn't just book with lips, he actually paid for the course before it was ready. Now, this is a Family Man, who's also a computer Science Graduate. Knowing what he saw, and knowing that he didn't get such information in the University, grabbed the opportunity

You're learning everything in one place

  • Imagine learning the five major Web Design/Development CMS (WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal) in one place and be able to build any kind of website you can imagine. You can't find such combination anywhere else. Trust me

You're getting a 30-Day Free Hosting Trial

  • Imagine getting to know where you can host your website for 30 days as a free trial without having to pay first and without your credit card details (where does that happen?). Now, this will enable you learn, build and host websites on a live server without first having to purchase a hosting plan. Also, with this, you will be able to build and host sample projects for your clients to see over a distance

------------------------------OTHER FACTS------------------------

You're also learning hosting beyond CPanel

  • Besides Cpanel, you're also going to learn how to host websites using another Control Panel. Imagine being able to host your website in another control panel, apart from cpanel that's prone to hackers, such that hackers will never know where your site is hosted let alone hacking into it

You have to learn the basics of Web Design/Development before you can actually make good money online.

  • Sometimes, you buy high class Money Making Packages from top gurus, yet you're not really able to make money with it, while some others buy same package and make it big with the same. What then is the difference between you who's not able to make it and the other guy who's making it big with same package? The only difference is UNDERSTANDING. That guy who's able to make it big with that same Money Making Package that you regret over has a good understanding of the basics of the web way, starting from Web Design, Hosting, etc, why you don't. So, first, you have to learn the basics of how the web works before you can actually understand true Online Money Making

You can choose to become a pro or non pro

  • After taking this Course, you can set up your Web Development Business Empire and render the service to clients around the world. Or you can choose to just make it a personal thing, build your own business website and relax, or if you're too busy, you can even give it to your child who will just watch the videos and build a website for you, because, the course is made so ridiculously simple that, even a little child will understand it. By so doing, you're not only building your child future, you're also setting him on the path to becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg

The digital is growing very fast

  • Less than three years from now, if you don't know how to set up a simple website by yourself and manage it, then you'll will be far behind

You too can rule the web

  • A Lot will be revealed to you in this course. Those things you often see on the web, that you thought were very difficult, you're gonna see how easy it is to do them. Your time to control the web is now

.........All these and many more.......

Basic knowledge
  • Should be able to use Laptop and browse the internet
What you will learn
  • Be able to build E-Commerce Website
  • Be able to build Business Website
  • Be able to create a Blog
  • Be able to build a Forum Website like Digital Point
  • Be able to build a Church Website
  • Be able to build a Bulk Mailing Website
  • In fact, the student will be able to build any type of website using any of the our most popular Content Management System (CMS): WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal
Number of Lectures: 198
Total Duration: 32:29:15
  • Introduction  
  • Different Technologies that can be used to build websites  
  • Introduction To WordPress  
  • XAMPP Installation  
  • Installing WordPress On Your Localhost  
  • The WordPress Dashboard  
  • Making Your First Website (a blog)  
  • Making your first website (blog continuation)  
  • Theme Installation  
  • Editing the theme (Part 1)  
  • Editing the theme (Part 2)  
  • Editing the theme (Part 3)  
  • Editing the theme (Part 4)  
  • Editing the theme (Part 5)  
  • The Blog Settings  
  • Logos and Favicons  
  • How to get photoshop for your system  
  • Web Hosting (Introduction)  
  • Choosing the right Hosting (Part 1)  
  • Choosing the right Hosting (Part 2)  
  • Hosting Your WordPress Website (Creating Packages)  
  • Hosting your WordPress Website in Cpanel  
  • Hosting Your WordPress Website in Hepsia Control Panel (Part 1)  
  • Hosting Your WordPress Website in Hepsia Control Panel (Part 2)  
  • The WordPress Plugins  
  • WordPress Project 2 (E-Commerce Platform)  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd)  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 2)  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 3)  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 4) - Products Creation  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 5)  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 6) - Changing the Favicon  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 7) - the Slider  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 8) - the Menus  
  • WordPress Project 2 (Cont'd 9) - Menus and Settings  
  • About Us, Contact Us, etc.  
  • Making an Order  
  • Creating Packages for Hosting  
  • Creating Email Accounts in Cpanel  
  • Hosting in Cpanel  
  • Creating Email Accounts in Hepsia Control Panel  
  • Hosting in Hepsia Control Panel  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - WordPress Installation  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Theme Installation  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Installing Demo Contents Part 1  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Installing Demo Contents Part 2  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Editing the theme  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Editing the theme part 2  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Editing the theme part 3  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Editing the theme part 4  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - WP Forms  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Prayer Request Form  
  • WordPress Project 3 (Church Website) - Hosting  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - Installing WordPress Online  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - Theme installation and activation  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - Installing the Forum Plugin  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - Creating Forum Categories  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - Setting up the homepage  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - General Settings Part 1  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - General Settings Part 2  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - Adding Logo  
  • WordPress Project 4 (Forum Website) - Maintenance mode or coming soon  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Installing WordPress  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Theme Installation  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Building the homepage  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Building the about us page  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Building the services page  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - The contact us page  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Setting up the slider  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Setting up the scrolling bar  
  • WordPress Project 5 (Business Website) - Setting up the menus  
  • WordPress Project 6 (Social Community like Facebook)  
  • Slider and Custom Menus  
  • Congratulations!  
  • Introduction to Magento  
  • Magento Installation  
  • Magento Online Installation  
  • Possible Errors in your Magento Installation  
  • The Magento Dashboard  
  • Configuring Magento Content  
  • Configuring Magento Content (cont'd)  
  • Configuring the Magento Store  
  • Configuring the Magento Store (cont'd)  
  • Creating categories  
  • Attributes and Attribute Sets  
  • Adding a simple product to store (Part 1)  
  • Adding a simple product to store (Part 2)  
  • Adding customizable product to store  
  • Adding Configurable Products to Store  
  • Adding bundled products to store  
  • Related products, up sells and cross sells (part 1)  
  • Related products, up sells and cross sells (part 2)  
  • Magento pages - creating the about us page  
  • Building the homepage  
  • Magento blocks and widgets  
  • Setting up payment methods  
  • Setting up shipping methods  
  • Installing Magento Extensions  
  • Common Magento Extension Installation Errors  
  • Installing Magento with a sample data  
  • Magento Theme Installation (Part 1)  
  • Magento Theme Installation (Part 2)  
  • Magento Theme Installation (Part 3)  
  • Magento Theme Installation (Part 4)  
  • Magento Theme Installation (Part 5)  
  • Common Magento Errors  
  • Congratulations! On completing Magento  
  • Introduction to Joomla  
  • Installing Joomla on Localhost  
  • The Joomla admin Panel  
  • Joomla Articles (Part 1)  
  • Joomla Articles (Part 2)  
  • The Joomal Menus (Part 1)  
  • The Joomal Menus (Part 2)  
  • More about Joomla Articles  
  • Joomla Extensions  
  • The Joomla Banners  
  • The Joomla News Feed  
  • The Joomla Redirects  
  • Other Pre-installed components  
  • Menus Arrangement  
  • Modules and Plugins (Part 1)  
  • Modules and Plugins (Part 2)  
  • Modules and Plugins (Part 3)  
  • Installing Joomla Extensions (Part 1)  
  • Installing Joomla Extensions (Part 2)  
  • Installing Joomla Extensions (Part 3)  
  • Installing Joomla Extensions (Part 4)  
  • Adding Logo  
  • Joomla Templates (Part 1)  
  • Hosting your Joomal Website  
  • Joomla Template (Part 2) - Installing Quickstart  
  • Congratulations! On completing Joomla!  
  • Introduction to Drupal  
  • Drupal Installation  
  • Localhost Installation (Part 1)  
  • Localhost Installation (Part 2)  
  • The Drupal Admin Dashboard  
  • Content in Drupal  
  • Appearance in Drupal  
  • Structure in Drupal  
  • Extend in Drupal: The Drupal Modules  
  • Configuration in Drupal  
  • People in Drupal  
  • Reports and Help in Drupal  
  • The Concept of Content Types in Drupal (Part 1)  
  • The concept of Content Types in Drupal (Part 2)  
  • Creating Content in Drupal  
  • The Drupal Editor  
  • Drupal Project 1 - Music Website  
  • Creating Music Content Type  
  • Adding Fields to Music Content Type  
  • Creating Artists Content Type  
  • Adding Fields to Artists Content Type  
  • Creating Music Producers Content Type  
  • Adding Fields to Producers Content Type  
  • The Drupal Taxonomy  
  • Creating Music Vocabulary  
  • Adding More Field to Music Content Type  
  • Connecting Content Types  
  • Correcting Some Fields  
  • Creating Music Content  
  • Connecting Artists and Producers to Music  
  • Creating Artists and Producers Contents  
  • Managing Contents  
  • The Drupal Revisions  
  • Module Installation  
  • Generating Fake Contents in Drupal  
  • Adding Image Fields to Artists and Producers Content Types  
  • Setting Up User-Friendly URL System  
  • Creating More User-Friendly URLs  
  • The Drupal Displays  
  • Configuring The Artists Content Type Display Modes  
  • Configuring The Music Content Types Display Modes  
  • Configuring Producers Content Type Display Modes  
  • The Drupal Views  
  • A Page View for Music Content Type  
  • A Page View for Artists Content Type  
  • A Page View for Producers Content Type  
  • The Block Views  
  • The Table View  
  • Creating Image Styles in Drupal  
  • Using Different Image Styles  
  • The Drupal Layouts  
  • The Logo and Menus  
  • Creating the about us  
  • Creating sidebar blocks  
  • More on Homepage Layout  
  • Creating image styles for photo galleries  
  • Photo Gallery Views for Artists and Producers  
  • Correcting the homepage  
  • Preventing Content Promotion to homepage  
  • Drupal Theme Installation  
  • Finding The Right Theme  
  • Drupal Project 2 - Forum Website  
  • The Forum Environment  
  • People in Drupal (Part 2)  
  • Website Layout  
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