30 Day Journal Challenge - Establish a Habit of Daily Journaling

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Have you always loved the idea of journaling? Are you following journalers on social media, but don't really know how to get started or finding it difficult to get into a habit of daily journaling?

Or perhaps you are already keeping a journal, but are stuck in a rut and could do with some prompts?

Look no further, I think this class might be the right fit for you. Research suggests that it takes about 30-60 days to create a new habit, in my 30 Day Journaling Challenge class, I'll guide you through 30 days of journaling, giving you a new prompt every day, the prompts are meant to be lighthearted and fun, their main aim to get you started on creating a habit that sticks. 

I'll be talking about choosing a journal and pen, will give you ideas on how to fit a journaling routine into your busy day and get you to look at your environment in a new light, get you to notice the little things and give you ideas what you can journal about.

I've also included some quick and easy art journal style prompt, to give you a variety of prompts and new ideas to try out.

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Basic knowledge
  • You won't need any previous knowledge for this class, just a journal your favourite pen and schedule some time into your day to establish your journaling habit

What will you learn
  • The daily journaling prompts will help you establish a habit of regular/daily journaling and will give you an insight what type of journaling you enjoy and some ideas on how to create varying journal entries
Course Curriculum
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