Course: Create Your First Kindle Book in 30 Days with Your iPhone!

Create Your First Kindle Book in 30 Days with Your iPhone!

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About this Course

You can do it! You can write a book. Unfortunately no one has told you how to do it in a way that most people can do it, so they will be successful. Now you can. I can help you.

In this nine lesson course I will show you an incredibly simple way where you can have a book to share with others and show the world not just what you do, but how good you are.

I teach everyone in business today that in the future starting now that your book will be your business card and your video broadcast will be your brochure. So write your book, and I will get you started and then if you wish help you finish.

You will learn to get past all the of the myths, fables, and so-called rules and reviews about what it means to "write and publish" a book.

You will find out how you must do the "state of mind" work that will keep you emotionally high, and ready to do the work to start and then perform your book so it can then be put into audio or into print.

ThenI I will show you how the most powerful tool in your writing toolbox is in your pocket, in your iPhone or smartphone.

Then finally I will show you the way to get the friends and resources to turn your emotional idea into a message and then into the reality of the book that you share with others.

I remember the day when my daughter sent me a copy of her first book with a little note attached that said, "Dear Mom and Dad ... I wrote a book!"

Now you can say that too!

Who this course is for:

  • Starting now, in life and business, your book will be your business card and your broadcast will be your brochure, so every aspiring professional and anyone who has had in any way an inclination that ,"perhaps I should try to write a book"
  • If you are not willing to be challenged in your ideas and beliefs you should not take this course because all of Stan Hustad's courses contain new and creative information combined with challenging ideas and a call to accept and take action on tough challenges
Basic knowledge
  • They will need to have some idea of what they want to achieve in their life and business
What you will learn
  • Will know that they can actually write and share a book of their thoughts and ideas in a simple but powerful way
  • How to cultivate and live with a writer's "state of mind." that give us the power and confidence to achieve our goals
  • Know that you are not going to write a book as much as you are going to perform your story and solutions so a book can be written
  • Learn how the technology of the iPhone can be effectively used to get the book, your book, started
  • You will start to claim the term writer and enjoy the fun of being a book writer
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:44:16
This is How You Begin To Start to Write Your First Book!
  • First we learn the truth about the "book deal" and how to begin to "Book" you..  

    Here we go and you will begin to discover that there are a lot of myths and stories about the book you want to write. It is easier than you might think. You will discover that this project might save your career and even change your life.

  • Here is how we make this book project and your i Phone work for you!  

    Now we are going to get the path to the book clear in our mind and head, and know how this whole program will work; and that we will have to change a lot of ways that we think, and to remember that this course will challenge you to think different, and perhaps even to change your life. 

Change Your Thinking, Get Your Tools, Love your Phone, and Write Your Book
  • Writing a book is mind work, so get in the right state of mind to be successful  

    Like all creative and worthy activities and projects, success comes form right thinking that leads to right actions and keeping us energized and on track. here we teach you the value and power of thinking, believing, and acting as a writer and as an achiever.

  • What you will become as a writer is a "capturer" of all kinds  

    What you will discover that is that being a writer leads you into a whole new world of being more observant, more present to others and that you gain a whole new skill in learning, teaching, leading, communicating and indeed writing. This will really change you and how you do life and business. 

  • Here is how you will use your IPhone as your primary book performing tool  

    Pay attention and then go out and do all kinds of experiments till you know how to use the voice memo recoriding and transcription tools that wil make your capturing, performing and "Writing" possible.

  • Ready, Set, and Run and all the good things you can now do to make your book go!  

    Now that we know what we should do, the state of mind that we need, and the tools that will help us, it is time to go for it. Here we give you the rest of some the details as to what you can do to perform your book and get all the estra help form others to complete and finish the book. 

  • Here we go with the "Three W's" and the "Three T's" for writing your book  

    Now we will find some ways to make some critical decisions as to why we will write our book and what we hope to achieve. Listen to these questions and choices and see what becomes clearer to you as you seek to start, to perform and publish "the book."

  • Image is vital to your you and your book and the cover is where you start  

    Here as we bring the course to a closing I give you some final tips and ideas about the power of an image, and the need to get a cover for your book to sustain your energy and to continue building your business and reputation by performing and writing your book to make your mark. 

There is Always a Challenge to Teach in Order to Write!
  • Teach may be the way you can become a writer ... so go and teach and write  

    Here are my closing thoughts and a challenge. Please consider that teaching a group or even a online class or course, may be one of the best ways to write your book. Listen to the story and the challenge and then make a resolution to take action and even get a group together to be a master study group. 

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