Course: Learn to Write Movies: Screenwriting from start to finish

Learn to Write Movies: Screenwriting from start to finish

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About this Course

Have you got a great idea for a movie but are unsure how to write the script? Think screenwriting is too hard? Or maybe you've always wanted to be a script writer but didn't really know where to start... Well, I've got you covered.

Learn to Write Movies takes aspiring writers through the art of screenwriting, step by step. It covers all you need to know, from coming up with concepts and creating characters to theme, employing structure and writing techniques. With a mix of theory, examples from modern movies and worksheets to fill out as you go through the course, it will give you the confidence to write a great script, first time.


Each section of the course concentrates on a particular facet of your screenplay.

  • Concept 
  • Hero/Protagonist
  • Villain/Antagonist
  • Theme
  • Supporting Characters
  • Structure
  • Writing
  • Constructing Scenes
  • Dialogue

We will go over each area in detail so that by the time you have completed the course and filled out the included worksheets, you will have your entire movie planned out and have all the knowledge you need to finish an amazing script.

Basic knowledge
  • No experience is necessary to study this course. All you need is a love of film, the drive to become a successful writer and something to write your script on
What you will learn

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have all the knowledge you need in order to write a great screenplay
  • By filling in the worksheets as you go, you will have planned out your entire movie by the end of this course!
  • Create 3 dimensional, memorable characters that will get a Producer's attention
  • Understand theme and how to use it to take your writing to the next level
  • Structure your movie to Hollywood standards
  • Write captivating scenes and keep your readers on the edge of their seats
  • Get the most out of your ideas and turn them in to winning concepts
Number of Lectures: 23
Total Duration: 03:57:45
A Quick Hello
  • Introduction  
  • What is the concept?  
  • Making your goal compelling.  
The Hero/Protagonist
  • Connecting with your hero.  
  • Creating empathy.  
  • Your hero's transformational arc.  
The Villain/Antagonist
  • A good baddie.  
  • Contrast and villains.  
  • Understanding theme.  
  • Theme case study.  
Supporting Characters
  • Supporting characters  
  • Why use structure?  
  • Act 1 - The first 10 pages  
  • Act 1 - The Inciting incident  
  • Act 2 - Part 1  
  • Act 2 - Part 2  
  • Act 3  
  • The two deadly sins of screenwriting  
  • The key to great description  
  • What goes into making a great scene?  
  • Keeping your readers enthralled.  
  • Dialogue techniques  
The End?
  • A big thanks from me.  
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