Course: Scrivener 3: A-Z for Mac or Windows

Scrivener 3: A-Z for Mac or Windows

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Scrivener 3 for Mac came out in November of 2017 and Scrivener 3 for Windows is in Beta and should be coming out in the near future. These videos apply to both the Scrivener 3 Mac and Windows versions unless otherwise indicated. Most of the videos were recorded in Scrivener 3 for Mac, but most everything is in the same place and the same icons are used in both. Occasionally, because of Mac and PC platform differences, a task has to be done slightly different in each, in that case both the Mac and PC version will be recorded separately. NOTE: The Windows-specific videos will be added once Scrivener 3 for Windows is released.                                              

GET A HEAD START ON SCRIVENER 3 FOR WINDOWS: If you have Scrivener for Windows, you may want to download the Scrivener 3 for Windows Beta version. It still has a few things missing and certain things aren't working exactly the way they will be, but most everything you are learning in this course is available in the Beta version. The link to the download will be included in the Bonus Section at the end of the class.                                             

This course has short tutorials on how to do a particular task listed in alphabetical order, so that you can find what you need quickly. The short videos showing the steps to do a particular task have no narration, but short written instructions when needed. Each task is repeated 2 to 3 times, so you can see it more than once if you need to without having to manually start it over again.

Basic knowledge
  • Have Scrivener 3 for Mac installed (can be the 30-day, free trial version)
  • Be adventurous and get a head start on SCRIVENER 3 for WINDOWS--Download the BETA VERSION [link included in class]
  • Some experience with Scrivener of any version
What you will learn
  • Use the Freeform Corkboard with "Snap to Grid"
  • Check word frequency using the Statistics feature
  • Use Linguistic Focus to polish your writing
  • Modify index card design
  • Print the index cards and outline
  • Add columns to the outline
  • Move files and folders from one project to another
  • Change the icons for the files and folders
  • Create a custom layout
  • Customize the Toolbar
  • Split screen vertical and horizontal and add Copyholders to reference four separate documents
  • Create character names with the Name Generator
  • Use Revisions Mode for tracking drafts
  • Create Internal and External Bookmarks
  • Set writing targets for the current documentCreate and use Labels and Status Stamps
  • Create, use and move Keywords and Keyword Groups
  • Create a Table of Contents
Number of Lectures: 59
Total Duration: 01:23:03
  • BACK UP: Choose Backup Folder  
  • BINDER: Change Background Color  
  • BINDER: Change Font and Size  
  • BINDER: Change Line Spacing  
  • BINDER: Convert File to Folder  
  • BINDER: Create Folders and Document Files  
  • BINDER: Make Folders or Document Groups Bold  
  • BINDER: Show Label Color  
  • BOOKMARKS: Create a Bookmark  
  • BOOKMARKS: Create Bookmark Groups  
  • BUTTONS: "Inspector"  
  • BUTTONS: "View"  
  • COMPILE: List of Placeholders  
  • COMPILE: Open Compile Settings  
  • COMPILE: Remove Highlighting and/or Text Color  
  • COMPOSE MODE: Change Background Color  
  • COMPOSE MODE: Change Height, Width and Position of the Editor  
  • COMPOSE MODE: Open  
  • COPY SPECIAL: Combine Multiple Documents into One Document  
  • COPY SPECIAL: Create a Table of Contents  
  • CORKBOARD: Arrange by Label  
  • CORKBOARD: Freeform Mode  
  • DRAFTS: Revision Mode  
  • EDITING: Strikethrough  
  • ICONS: Change Icon & Reset for Default  
  • ICONS: Create Icon from Character  
  • ICONS: Create Icon Group  
  • INDEX CARDS: Design  
  • INDEX CARDS: Show Keyword Color Chips on Index Cards  
  • INDEX CARDS: Show Label Color on Index Cards  
  • KEYWORDS: Copy Keywords from Another Project  
  • KEYWORDS: Create a Keyword  
  • KEYWORDS: Create a Keyword Group  
  • KEYWORDS: Open a Keyword Panel  
  • LABELS: Apply Labels  
  • LABELS: Copy Labels from Another Project  
  • LABELS: Create Label and Label List  
  • LAYOUTS: Access Available Layouts  
  • LAYOUTS: Add and Move Copyholders  
  • LAYOUTS: Create a Custom Layout  
  • LAYOUTS: Split Screen Horizontally or Vertically  
  • METADATA: Create a Checkbox  
  • METADATA: Create a List  
  • METADATA: Create a Text Box  
  • MULTIPLE PROJECTS: Merge Projects into Tabs  
  • MULTIPLE PROJECTS: Moving Files and Folders to Another Project  
  • NAVIGATION: Zoom in and Out  
  • OUTLINE: Add Columns  
  • PRINT: Index Cards  
  • SCRATCHPAD: Choose Storage Folder  
  • SCRATCHPAD: Open Scratchpad  
  • SPECIAL TOOLS: Linguistic Focus  
  • SPECIAL TOOLS: Name Generator  
  • STATISTICS: Check Word Frequency  
  • STATUS: Edit Status Stamps  
  • TARGETS: Create Document Target  
  • TOOL BAR: Customize Tool Bar  
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